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DentalZorg, specialist in dentistry for 30 years

DentalZorg is a professional advanced dentistry organization (1988) and has three practices in the areas Amsterdam and Zaanstreek-Waterland. Dentalzorg provides all regular dental treatments and is equipped with a advanced dental laboratory. Our team of 70 professional, caring and dedicated dentists are passionate about giving all of their patients the highest quality of care.

Registered (BIG) dentists

DentalZorg works with BIG-registered dentists and specialists. Most of them are educated in The Netherlands. The BIG-register (Professions in Individual Healthcare) is a Dutch database in which all officially recognized health workers are registered. The establishment of this register is based on the law of professions in healthcare. Only those who are registered are authorized by law to use this protected title. The BIG-register is an eleven digit number and applies, besides dentists also to doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists and nurses.

Own dental laboratory

DentalZorg has its own advanced dental laboratory. Because of this, we are able to help you quickly; especially with the manufacturing of prosthetics, crowns and bridges. Small repairs are done immediately (while waiting). Complex repairs are carried out as quickly as possible in negotiation with you. We guarantee high quality on all our dental prostheses.

Clear agreements with health insurers

We have good agreements with a large amount of health insurers which saves you a lot of hassle. It is nice to know that you don’t have to worry about the communication with your health insurers. We would like to tell you more about this when you contact us. Did you know that you can also get many benefits if you register with us now?


Dentist-Implantologist S. Abdoel

BIG: 39916229002

Tandarts N. Parolin

BIG: 99922021002

Tandarts mw A Alfayad 1

Big: 29922447802

Tandarts L Erten

BIG: 19923171402

Dentist N. Jahn

BIG: 39923218002

tandarts a marchan 800 min

Big: 29923612902

Tandarts S Poudel 800 535 min

Big: 49920227602

Ramzi Bewerkt clarity

BIG: 39918310402

Dentist D. Parvanova

BIG: 79919110902

tandarts h humphrey 800 min

BIG: 99053983102

tandarts n abril 800 min

BIG: 59100607102

Tandarts A Ayhan 800 min

Big: 49923218402

Dentist G. Aykut

BIG: 89916000702

m chen tandarts

BIG: 39920480902

Mei Ling Tjon Tsoe Jin

BIG: 39065955902

Tatjana Sukeviciene-Pecnikova

Big: 19912484702

Dentist T. Muharemov

Big: 19922473002

tandarts i hammadi min

Big: 89925671102

Paro preventieassistente S. Bhatia


Dental hygienists and prevention assistants

preventieassistente F. Nikrawesh

Prevention Assistant

mondhygieniste h salbi 1 800 535 min

Dental hygienist

preventieassistente a yorulmaz 800 min

Prevention Assistant

b tanriverdi preventieassistent


Mondhygieniste A Nouere 800 535 min

Dental hygienist

Female Avatar

Dental hygienist

mondhygienist e kanigur 1

Dental hygienist

Mondhygiëniste F. Magied


Dental technicians

Klinisch Prothese Technicus A. Diaz Yepes

Clinical Prosthesis Technician

R. Schmidt - Clinical dental technician

Clinical Dental Technician

O. Eser Dental technician
Mr. O. Eser

Dental technician

Rob van Bleisem
Mr. R. van Bleisem

Dental technician

A. Yigit Dental technician
Mr. A. Yigit

Dental Technician

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