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When is a root canal treatment necessary?

There are a number of situations where the dentist decides to perform a root canal treatment. For example with:

  • severe tooth or toothache
  • death of the nerve due to caries (hole)
  • a filling that is too deep in the root canal
  • preparation for an overdenture

What Happens During a Root Canal Treatment?

A diagnosis is made by x-rays. In most cases, root canal treatment is started immediately after this diagnosis. Based on the diagnosis, the dentist will determine which treatment he/she will apply.

In almost all cases, the dentist first removes the inflamed tooth tissue. Is the root tip inflamed? Then the root canals must be cleaned. Inflamed tooth tissue and root no longer heal. That is why it is important to remove all remains and the nerve.

Your dentist drills a hole in the tooth or molar to access the root. The root canal is then completely cleaned with small files. In the case of a molar, several root canals are cleaned. The X-rays also determine how deep the root canals are. After filing, the canals are rinsed clean with a disinfecting liquid.

When all channels are clean, they are filled with gutta percha, which is a filling material. This ensures that the bacteria can no longer cause damage. Finally, the tooth must still be filled and, if necessary, built up by means of a root post for better bearing capacity. Sometimes the tooth is so weakened by the tooth decay, but also by the treatment, that a crown has to be made. That way, the tooth can last for a very long time.

How does root canal treatment at the dentist work?

How long does a root canal treatment take?

The treatment time can vary from one to three appointments and each appointment varies from half an hour to an hour. The duration depends on the number of inflamed root canals. A tooth has a root and a molar has two to four roots.

When treating a tooth, the dentist can almost always complete the root canal treatment in one go. With a molar or a complicated treatment you have to come back a number of times. In this case, during the first treatment, the full treatment will be started and you will be relieved of your pain. The dentist can place an emergency filling and grind your tooth or molar to prevent biting of the tooth or molar.

Root canal treatment pictured below

Cost of a root canal treatment 2021

The total cost of a root canal treatment depends on many factors:

  • the number of elements
  • x-rays
  • markers
  • putting on a crown

As a result, we can never set a price in advance. This also applies to other dental treatments. We can, however, provide an indication of a cost specification. Below you will find an indication overview of a treatment with 3 elements. Please note, this is an indication and cannot be seen as an actual invoice.

Code | DefinitionAmount
C001 - Consultation for an intake (only for the first consultation after registration)€ 46,91
E01 Consultation root canal treatment€ 22,91
E13 Treatment per element with 1 channel€ 111,10
E14 Treatment per element with 2 channels€ 160,48
E16 Treatment per element with 3 channels€ 209,86
E17 Treatment per element with 4 or more channels€ 259,24
A10 Conduction, infiltration and/
or intraligamental anaesthetic
€ 15,43
V50 Drying of elements by means of a rubber cloth€ 12,34
E19 Embed Calcium Hydroxide by Element€ 18,52
E45 Applying rubber dam€ 12,34
E85 Electronic length determination€ 15,43
X10 making and assessing small X-rays (at a time) (average three photos needed) (average 3x)€ 17,28
E04 Surcharge for costs when using rotating nickel-titanium instruments€ 49,71
V92 Two-sided filling composite€ 64,81
Total (based on E16 treatment)€ 493,18

Root canal treatment under anesthesia

DentalZorg wants to make dentistry accessible to extremely anxious patients when there really is no other option. Are you extremely anxious about the root canal treatment? Or are there other complications that make undergoing a regular root canal treatment no longer an option? Then we can perform a root canal treatment under anaesthetic.

During an anesthetic treatment, you will be given an anesthetic under the supervision of our anesthesiologist, so that you will feel almost nothing from the treatment. Would you like to know more about undergoing a root canal treatment under anesthesia? Look here for more information.

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