tandarts h humphrey 800 min

Naam: drs. H.R. Haimé

BIG-reg.nr.: 99053983102

Functie: Dentist

In 1988 Mr. Haime graduated from the University of Groningen as a dentist. Mr Haime has therefore been in the business for a long time and has gained a lot of work experience in both the Netherlands and Germany. He is very experienced with anxious patients and extractions. At the moment, Mr. Haime is studying the relationship between dentistry and sleep medicine, for example in sleep disorders related to teeth. In addition, he will focus, among other things, on implantology within DentalZorg.

What his patients say:

“Very friendly staff with excellent expertise from dentist Humphrey. They put you to ease very well. They can help you quickly.”

Marin van der Laan


“I lost my dental fear because of Humphrey.”

H. Schellings


“A large renovation plan with new construction of worn molars and front upper teeth, In my old dental practice I was sent from here to there and there still was no plan after a year. It is now being handled by Mr. H. Haimé and so far helped and advised very well.”

J. Schurink.

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