Mei Ling Tjon Tsoe Jin

Name: Mrs. M. Tjon Tsoe Jin, MSC
Master of science 39065955902

Title: Dentist

Mrs. May-ling obtained her degree for dentistry in 2006 at the VU University Amsterdam, Faculty of Dentistry. After her studies, she followed various courses and obtained certificates, including for Hygiene and Infection Prevention, Emergency Response and a number of surgical courses. She is registered in the KRT (Quality Register Dentists). She has been working in our organization since 2007.

1. Practical experience:

I have been working at Dentalzorg since 2007, so I started there right after my studies.

2. Why did you want to be a dentist?

Helping people, I wanted to do something medical but not medicine. I always liked going to the dentist myself, so as a child I already had good experiences with dentistry. During my pre-university education I didn’t know at all what I wanted to become. Until my biology teacher suggested I become a dentist. Luckily I had an beta package, although I wasn’t very good at math to be honest. But it still worked out and I became a dentist.

3. What (basic) criteria do you think a good dentist should meet?

Being able to listen well, being patient, being able to make the patient comfortable and of course deliver good dental work.

4. What do you, as a dentist, think of Dentalzorg? For example: How would you describe the benefits of being a client at Dentalzorg?

The advantages are that you have many colleagues in different specialisms, with whom you can consult and have knowledgable exchanges. I also find the conviviality of a large practice, multicultural touch with its own atmosphere very attractive.

5. Naturally, you may need to refer clients to colleagues and/or other specializations. Do you continue to see yourself as ultimately responsible, as the first ‘lock’ in the entire dental process?

Yes, in principle I do. Sometimes you have to refer, but the patient then comes back to me for a check-up.

6. Why should clients choose you as a dentist? What makes you different from the others in that respect? Do you have a specialty, or several?

As I said before, I am patient, calm, take my time and put people at ease.

7. Tell something about yourself. For example about your character, family, friends, hobbies. (you don’t necessarily have to answer all these aspects. Decide for yourself what you want to say and what not)

I just became a mother. I am sociable, I like going out to dinner with friends or family. And I like music and dancing, especially pop music. I used to play jazz ballet. And I like going to concerts, theater, musicals.

8. Do you have any further ambitions, for example a further specialization (or maybe one day a different profession)?

No, not directly. What I do like is working with composites, the aesthetics of dentistry, but I haven’t specialized in that yet.

What her patients say:


I am very satisfied. May-Ling is also very friendly to children!

Ina Boor


“I was very fearful of the dentist due to the treatment method of the school dentist in the seventies. Now, I overcame my fear because of the calm and familiar atsmosphere at the dentist . I would definitely recommend May Ling too her others patients. She deserves a 10 out of 10!.  “

Petra Seel


“Had a good conversation and I was treated with a lot of expertise by the super friendly dentist Mai Ling! She lessens your fear.”

A.J. de Vries

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