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What is periodontitis?

Dental plaque on the transition of your gums to your tooth and the plaque in between your teeth can cause inflamed gums. If you don’t remove the plaque thoroughly, the bacterias in the plaque can cause inflamed gums. We call the initial phase “Gingivitis”. The gums feel swollen and they easily bleed. Not-removed plaque can become hard and then calcify to become tartar. And tartar easily adheres to plaque. Because of this, the gums get inflamed more and more. Eventually, the fibers due to which the tooth adheres to the gums, break. Which results in the teeth getting loose and bacteria’s getting free rein to cause larger inflammations.

Other causes

Various studies have identified different causes for persistent gum disease. For example, environmental factors such as smoking and stress play a major role. Also, a disease such as diabetes can prevent recovery. It also appears that the course of antibiotics does not always catch on. In some cases the reason for this is the bacteria causing the inflammation; this can be resistant to antibiotics. Treatment adherence problems are often also an important cause; no less than forty percent of the Dutch people appears not to take the prescribed antibiotics and twenty percent who start do not complete the course of treatment.

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When do I need a periodontal treatment?

You may need treatment for periodontal diseases in the following cases:

  • Gums are bleeding (at time of brushing the teeth of eating hard things)
  • Sensible gums
  • Receding gums
  • Changed position of 1 or more teeth
  • A bad taste in your mouth and/or a bad breath

Do you notice any of the above symptoms? Then it is recommended to contact your dental hygienist or dentist in Amsterdam Noord or Zaandam. Based on the analysis, you will be treated within our dental practice or you will be referred to a periodontist. A referral is not always necessary.

Avoid persistent gum disease

An inflammation is annoying and can have huge consequences for the health of your body. That’s why it is very important to take such complaints seriously, really use prescribed antibiotics and to finish the course. This way, you increase the possibilities that the inflammation will disappear and not become chronic.

It is also very important that you quit smoking. Your (family) doctor (GP) can help you with this, if needed. If you have diabetes, it is wise to get this under control before starting treatment of the persistent gum disease, as the treatment has more effect if done in this manner. But the best way to prevent chronically inflamed gums is of course by good dental hygiene.

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