Below you will find the rates of the previous year. It is possible that you need Adobe Reader to open and read it. Be aware that all rates are given in the Dutch language.

Overview dentist rates 01-2022

Overview dentist rates 01-2021

Overview dentist rates 01-2020

Rates materials and technique 2020

Rates materials and technique 2021

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A complete or partial denture


Crowns and bridges


General anesthesia treatment


Policies dental care

The NZa establishes policy rules for a number of its tasks. The policy rules include circulars, further rules, rates, performances and forms of the NZa. Here you will also find information about the Long-term Care Act, the Health Insurance Act and the Healthcare Market Regulation Act. The Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) has adopted the policy rule “Dental care” (BR / REG-17101a). Below you will find the document, drawn up by the NZa. This document has the label BR / REG-17101a. This document replaces the previously prepared document with label BR / REG-17101. The changes that have taken place are explained in the additional document.

Need help to determine the dentist costs

We can imagine that you still have questions after reading the overview of the rates. To determine the correct costs, it is very important to know whether you have an additional dental insurance. Do you have an additional dental insurance, then it is important to know which costs are completely or partially reimbursed.

Besides this, the costs of dental treatments can go up quickly. Along with this, there is also the complex financial structure regarding reimbursements for extensive treatments. We would like to help you to make this clear for you during a consultation with one of our specialists.


A cost estimate at DentalZorg

When you get a new or follow-up appointment, it is possible that you will receive a cost estimate from us. In case of an indication amount higher than € 250,- we are always obliged to compose this for you. We try our best to determine the amount in advance. In dental care a standard situation does not exist. That’s why the amount can differ from the final dentist invoice. This can also be higher or lower. We therefore always keep a cost estimate as a provisional account. Below you will find a number of examples through which the eventual amount differs:

  • A root canal treatment becoming a 4-canal treatment instead of a 3-canal treatment or vice versa;
  • A deep filling can become a root canal treatment;
  • Costs for anesthesia;
  • An extra cavity or cavities is/are observed during the treatment.

During treatments like a root canal- or implantation treatment we will always finish and complete the treatment. For this reason we cannot inform you directly regarding the deviating costs. We count on your understanding.

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