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Dental renovation, the way to beautiful and functioning teeth

Do you have problems with your teeth because of missing, crooked or yellow teeth? Or have you neglected the care of your teeth for a long time and are you looking for a solution? A dental renovation at DentalZorg is an excellent solution for the recovery of your teeth.

Dentalzorg has the necessary experienced specialists who, with the right treatment techniques, are happy to make you smile again without any form of shame. We not only have dentists, but also dental hygienists, dental implantologists, a periodontist and also our own dental laboratory. And all this under one roof. This allows us to offer you professional and high-quality dental treatments at short notice and at a competitive rate.

We think it is important that you get the best practitioner for the dental renovation that best suits your situation. That is why we start with determining your wishes and needs at the first meeting. During the first consultation with the dentist, the condition of your teeth and oral health will be mapped out. Based on this, a treatment plan is drawn up. This consultation also gives you an idea of ​​the costs and the treatment process.

A dental renovation at DentalZorg

A dental renovation at DentalZorg can be distinguished in different types of treatments. Think about:

Restoring neglected teeth

You can also contact us for treatments such as a root canal treatment and the restoration of a single (broken) tooth. The treatment that suits your personal situation is partly determined by the condition of your teeth and the wishes you have for your teeth. For extremely anxious patients with a large treatment delay who cannot be treated via the regular treatment method, there is also the option of a dental renovation under anaesthesia.

Dental renovation treatments at DentalZorg


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Crowns and Bridges (on implants)

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Full dentures

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Partial dentures

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What are the costs for a dental renovation?

Dental renovations differ per person and dental situation and also depend on the type of treatment being performed. We can therefore never determine an amount without a consultation. We understand that you do not want to be faced with unexpectedly high amounts. We will always try to take your financial situation into account. During the first consultation, the dentist will inform you in detail about the costs of your individual treatment(s) after drawing up the treatment plan.

Reimbursement from the insurance

Most dental costs are reimbursed through supplementary dental insurance. Dental costs include the costs for extractions, fillings, crowns and bridgework, implants and drawing up the treatment plan. There are a number of treatments that are partially reimbursed from the basic insurance, such as full dentures and in some cases implants in a toothless jaw.

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Dental renovation under Narcosis

A dental renovation can be very extensive. Especially when the teeth have not been properly maintained for years. This can be for several reasons. The main reason given by our patients is fear of the dentist. The threshold for going to the dentist is becoming higher and higher. We can provide these extremely anxious patients with a dental renovation under anesthesia when there is really no other option.

Fortunately, we have enough experience with extremely anxious patients. We eventually see that most patients who are introduced to DentalZorg undergo the treatments without anesthesia. Our practitioners are happy to help you overcome your fear. They will therefore do everything they can to make you feel at ease. You can come to our location in Zaandam for our anesthesia treatments.

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Both dental practices are located at Mosplein. Buses 34 and 35 from Amsterdam Central Station stop at Mosplein. From Zaandam CS you can take bus 391. There are several paid parking spaces in the region.

Why choose DentalZorg for a dental renovation?

  • You are central during the entire treatment for a dental renovation. We give you the full attention you deserve. During the first appointment, we will get to work for you right away.
  • Own dental laboratory: design and manufacture is done in-house by our specialists.
    Your own dental implantologist and prosthesis technicians, so you do not need a referral for an extensive dental renovation. This speeds up your treatment considerably.
  • Contracts with almost all health insurers, clarity about costs and reimbursements.
  • Clear and transparent conditions.

Honest and clear advice

Because every dental renovation is different, every treatment requires an individual treatment plan. We think it is important that your wishes for dental renovation are seamlessly aligned with the dental options and results. We also believe that there is a suitable solution for every situation. Nevertheless, it is important for you that you know where you stand, what the costs of the dental renovation are and what is reimbursed.

During a first appointment we discuss your personal situation, we map out your needs and possibilities. After this consultation you will immediately receive a budget for the dental renovation. DentalZorg is happy to provide you with honest and clear tailor-made advice.

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