Choosing or pulling teeth under anesthesia

In certain situations, a tooth or molar cannot be repaired. A tooth, molar or wisdom tooth can be so affected or damaged that the anesthetic dentist suggests pulling the tooth or molar. The extraction of teeth under anesthesia can also be done to make room for your other teeth, for example with a very crooked tooth or molar.

The treatment of tooth extraction is seen by many people as a painful and fearful experience. Because of the fear of the dentist, you may have postponed this treatment for years and avoided the dentist. There is a chance that the teeth will deteriorate as a result and that you will have to have several teeth extracted because of this. Or that in the worst case you have to have your entire teeth pulled. You may then find yourself in a spiral of fear.

Do you recognize yourself in the above? Or do you know someone in your environment who experiences this fear and these dental problems? DentalZorg wants to break through this spiral together with you, so that you can successfully have the treatment of tooth extractions carried out under anaesthesia.

Extraction under Narcosis

In people with extremely high anxiety, treatment under anesthesia is often the only option to extract the tooth for successful treatment. An advantage may be that a long extraction treatment can be performed in one go. During the anesthesia treatment you will not notice and feel nothing of the pulling of your teeth.

What options are there to make my teeth complete again?

DentalZorg would like to offer you a complete package of dental care and services. We have almost all specialists under one roof. This allows us to perform almost all dental treatments under anesthesia. We are happy to think along with you in this regard. Extracting all or some teeth under anesthesia can be the first step to bright and good teeth. In addition to this, there are numerous treatments under anesthesia which you can choose to achieve a radiant and functioning end result:

  • A partial or complete dental renovation under anesthesia
  • Implants under anesthesia
  • A crown on an implant
  • A bridge on implants
  • Pulling teeth and molars for dentures
  • Click teeth under anesthesia
  • Read more about our anesthesia treatments.

Extracting (pulling) teeth and molars under anesthesia in Zaandam

We perform the extraction treatments under anesthesia in our dental practice in Zaandam. We have prepared two modern and professional treatment rooms for this. Our anesthesia team consists of highly experienced anesthetists and has been treating dentistry under anesthesia for more than 15 years. The anesthetist monitors your vital signs during the treatment, such as your breathing, heart rate and blood pressure.

You can read more about the experiences of our anesthesia patients. We are valued on average with a 9 and we can be very proud of that!

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Anesthetic Questions & Answers

We understand that the step to anesthesia treatment can be a big step. After reading the information on our page, we understand that you still have questions. We have therefore drawn up an overview with the most common questions and answers about the anesthesia process, the treatment, the costs and aftercare.

kunstgebit narcose 299 euro man met tekst aangepast min

Now at DentalZorg: The total anesthetic costs for € 299,- in combination with a treatment of your own teeth and molars to full dentures.

DentalZorg pays for this anesthetic treatment a large part of the costs for the anesthesia itself to make dental care more accessible. The costs of dental treatment are separate from the costs of anesthesia. Please note that the current anesthetic rate of € 299 is temporary. So please contact us now to make an appointment. We currently have no waiting lists.

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