Tatjana Sukeviciene-Pecnikova

Name: Mrs. T. Sukeviciene-Pecnikova, MSC
Master of science

BIG-reg.nr.:  19912484702

Title: Dentist

Tatjana graduated as a dentist in 2008 from the Faculty of Dentistry of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU). She has practical experience in the Neodenta dental practice in Kaunas, Lithuania. She has also attended courses and conferences to keep abreast of new developments and techniques in the dental field. Tatjana is workaing at DentalZorg since 2010. She can express herself excellently in the Dutch language (She obtained her NT2 diploma at the university in Amsterdam) en she also speaks fluently Lithuanian and Russian.

Practical experience:
Worked for two years at a dental practice in Lithuania and since 2010 at Dentalzorg.

Why did you want to be a dentist?
I like to help people. I quickly wanted an independent profession, in the medical sector, but as a dentist you graduate after six years, now it’s five years. From the age of 16 I decided to become a dentist. The result of a dental treatment attracted me, a tooth or molar that is bad and then make it beautiful again.

What (basic) criteria do you think a good dentist should meet?
Listening carefully to the patient, mastering your profession well and carrying it out according to the rules and guidelines. And creating a bond with a patient, he or she must feel good and familiar with you as a practitioner. Stay curious about new developments in the dental field and continue to educate and train yourself, according to new insights. I also think it’s important to remain critical of your own work, and to always see if and where things can be improved.

What do you, as a dentist, think of Dentalzorg? For example: How would you describe the benefits of being a client at Dentalzorg?
It’s my first employer since I’ve been in the Netherlands, so I can’t compare with other practices, I’ve seen and learned a lot here. And the difference in work between the two practices, in Zaandam and Amsterdam is also very instructive. Very different people as clients, also many different cultures. I work two days in Zaandam and two days in Amsterdam at our clinic at Kamperfoelieweg. I have met many different colleagues and I have also become friends with many of them.

Of course, it happens that you have to refer clients to colleagues and/or other specializations. Do you continue to see yourself as ultimately responsible, as the first ‘lock’ in the entire dental process?
Yes, or I refer the patient someone else or someone refers a patient to me, internally, that often happens, on assignment. But I remain ultimately responsible.

Why should clients choose you as a dentist? What makes you different from the others in that respect? Do you have a special specialty, or several?
Yes, dealing with anxious patients. I always remain calm and want to make the patient feel safe. I also like working with children. I always try to solve the problem that a patient comes up with immediately, I like to take the time for that. And a patient can always come back for correction treatment, if he or she wants to adjust something.

Tell something about yourself.
I am married and have a small child, a son. I enjoy cooking and reading, general and professional literature. And I like to travel. I live near the coast, we often go to the beach for a walk and recently I started running. I also like music and dancing, my music taste is quite wide, I like many styles. And on TV I really enjoy watching programs such as ‘So you think you can dance.’

Do you have any further ambitions, for example a further specialization (or maybe one day a different profession)?
I always want to remain a dentist and continue to specialize in this area and continue to work with anxious patients and children in particular. I like it when an anxious patient is reassured and from that moment on keeps coming back regularly to keep his or her teeth in order. That I have achieved that gives me satisfaction. And with children you can of course build it up right from the start. At the moment I am working on a special trajectory called quality practice at the academic center for dentistry, so I am trying to gain (more) knowledge about dentistry.

What patients say:


I feel very comfortable visiting Tatjana and I am very satisfied with the treatments I have received.

Bob Metzger


“Goeie tanarts en goeie assistente ik zou dit meerdere mensen aanraden een lieve tandarts ze heet tatjana en zeer vriendelijk stelt je op je gemak voor mensen die bang zijn is zij echt goed en staat zij voor haar vak gewoon de beste die ik als tandarts heb gehad toppertje. “

T. de Haan

“Great care. Good communication. I was treated accurately. “

P. Albert

“I have had fear of the dentist for years. Tatjana took great care of my situation and showed a lot of patience. She was open for any questions and leaves you free in your needs for the treatment. Because of her my fear decreased and it now takes less effort to visit the dentist.”

Burcu Z Çanşalı

“Perfect treatment, very satisfied.”

Ruud Wassenaar

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