A crown on the tooth or molar

A crown is used as replacement of a tooth or molar. A crown is like a cap which is placed over a tooth. The cap can be made from porcelain, ceramics, metal or gold. The crown is fixed on the tooth or molar. This will restore the tooth or molar as much as possible to its original shape and functionality. A crown treatment is more extensive than a standard filling or veneers for a tooth.

When do you need a dental crown?

• When fillings do not belong to the possibilities anymore, for example in case of tooth decay or a broken molar. There isn’t a lot of tooth or molar left over to place a filling.
• Almost always the dentist will recommend you to have crowns (in the future) after a root canal treatment.
• To cover misshaped or severely discolored teeth

How long does a crown last?

Dental crowns and bridges can last 5 to 10 years or even longer. There are many factors that can affect the longevity of a crown. Good dental hygiene and regular dental visits can extend the longevity of your crowns and bridges, significantly. From which material the crown is made and its quality also play a role in this.

Example crown on tooth or molar

kroon op kies
kroon op tand

Crown tooth before / after

Tand afgebroken
Kroon na - tand eruit
Bridge on tooth or molar

What is a bridge?

A bridge is placed if more teeth or molars are missing. It looks like a connection between the already existing teeth. A bridge at DentalZorg is usually made of porcelain in our own dental laboratory.

A bridge is placed by means of two pillars. Pillars are ground and modified teeth and / or molars which are secured by means of crowns. There is a bridge intermediate section between the pillars. This is also called a dummy. This intermediate section consists of artificial teeth or molars which come in place of the missing teeth and molars.

Which type of bridges are there?

  • Traditional bridge.This is the most common bridge where the pillars are located on either side of the open space.
  • Cantilever bridge. Both pillars are situated on one side of the bridge.
  • Maryland bonded bridges. This is usually possible when the teeth on both sides of the open space are virtually intact. For this construction hardly anything has to be ground from the intact teeth. The Maryland bonded bridge is mainly used to replace one or two teeth. The bridge is glued invisibly to the inside of the teeth by means of metal mounting plates with a special adhesive. A Maryland bonded bridge can usually be removed quite easily if necessary.
Tand afgebroken
Kroon na - tand eruit

Difference between crowns and veneers

There is quite a big difference between crowns and veneers. Crowns completely replace the tooth or molar. In case of veneers, a layer of tooth-colored material is glued on your tooth or molar. Veneers are generally recommended in case of a crack, burst, crooked teeth, broken or chipped teeth or discoloration of the teeth.

Crown or bridge on implants

It is possible that there is no chance that your tooth or molar could be saved. A crown on an implant might be the perfection solution for the replacement of your tooth or molar. Within in DentalZorg there is no need for a dental referral to make an appointment for a dental implant treatment. We have our own dentist-implantologist who is available in Amsterdan Noord and Zaandam.

Do you have your own dentist? But they don’t have the facilities for dental implantological treatments? Then we would like to help you. You can visit us. There is no need for any dental referral.

Example crown on tooth or molar

kroon implantaat 1
brug implantaten

The rates of a crown on a tooth or molar

It is of course very nice if you know the costs for a crown- or bridge-treatment beforehand. Just like a crown, the costs depend on the type of treatment. The reimbursement depends on your additional health insurer. Generally, the costs for a bridge are higher due to a bridge consisting of more teeth or molars. We would like to help you making these costs more clear for you. Below you can find an overview of the rates.

Is you crown treatment reimbursed?

Based on your dental insurance, we can see whether your crown treatment is reimbursed or even free of costs. This partially depends on your additional dental insurance. Do you have an additional dentist insurance? The more important it is to be well informed. Because crowns are basically not reimbursed within a basic insurance. At the bottom of this page you will find an overview of the costs for crowns and bridge work, determined by the NZa.

Tarievenoverzicht kronen

(bron: NZA)

Inlays en kronen

R08 Eenvlaks composiet inlay € 68,77
R09 Tweevlaks composiet inlay € 131,82
R10 Drievlaks composiet inlay € 171,94
R11 * Eenvlaksinlay € 103,16
R12 * Tweevlaksinlay € 160,47
R13 * Drievlaksinlay € 229,25
R14 Toeslag voor extra retentie bij het plaatsen van indirecte restauraties € 28,66
R24 Kroon € 252,17
R28 Endokroon, indirect vervaardigd € 68,77
R29 Roestvrijstalen kroon, kunstharsvoorziening € 51,58
R31 Opbouw plastisch materiaal € 57,31
R32 Gegoten opbouw, indirecte methode € 57,31
R33 Gegoten opbouw, directe methode € 114,62

Tarievenoverzicht bruggen

(bron: NZA)


R40 * Eerste brugtussendeel € 171,94
R45 * Tweede en volgende brugdeel in hetzelfde tussendeel € 85,97
R46 * Brugverankering, per anker € 57,31
R49 Toeslag voor brug op vijf- of meer pijlerelementen € 143,28
R50 * Metalen fixatiekap met afdruk € 28,66
R55 * Gipsslot met extra afdruk € 28,66
R60 * Plakbrug zonder preparatie € 114,62
R61 * Plakbrug met preparatie € 171,94
R65 Toeslag voor elk volgende brugdeel in hetzelfde tussendeel € 40,12
R66 Toeslag voor elke volgende bevestiging boven het aantal van twee € 22,92

Restauraties diversen

R70 Toeslag voor kroon onder bestaand frame-anker € 63,04
R71 * Vernieuwen porseleinen schildje, reparatie metalen/porseleinen kroon in de mond € 63,04
R72 Vernieuwen schildje van plastisch materiaal € 34,39
R73 Aanbrengen extra retentie c.q. pinnen in schildje € 22,92
R74 * Opnieuw vastzetten niet plastische restauraties € 22,92
R75 * Opnieuw vastzetten plakbrug € 57,31
R76 Toeslag voor gegoten opbouw onder bestaande kroon € 28,66
R77 Moeizaam verwijderen van oud kroon- en brugwerk per (pijler)element € 28,66

Why choose Dentalzorg?

  • As our patient you are our focus of attention during the whole process. We provide the full attention you deserve. We start this approach immediately from our first contact.
  • We have our own dental laboratory which means our designs and manufacturing are done in-house by our own specialists.
  • We have our own dental implantologist and prosthetic technicians which means you do not need a dental referral. Because of this we provide fast treatment without long waiting periods and numerous appointments.
  • Agreements with almost all health insurers. Clarity about costs and reimbursements.
  • Clear and transparent terms and conditions.

Honest and clear consultations

Because every set of teeth is different, each treatment requires an individual dental treatment plan. We find it very important that your wishes and needs suit the dental possibilities and results. We believe that there is a suitable solution for every situation. Still, it is very important that you know what you are up against, what the costs are and which costs can be reimbursed.

During our first consultation together we discuss your personal situation, find out what your needs are and look at the possibilities. Immediately after this consult you will receive a detailed plan with an overview of the costs. DentalZorg offers you honest and clear consultancy based on your needs.

Placing crowns or bridges in Amsterdam Noord

Our team of dentists in Amsterdam Noord are very competent and have experience with anxiety patients. We have two clinics in Amsterdam Noord, located near Mosplein at Kamperfoelieweg and on Distelplein.

On Kamperfoelieweg, our experienced dentist Mrs. May-Ling Tjon Tson Joe jin and our lovely dentist Milly Chen are ready to help you . You can visit dentist Mr. Ramzi Al Romi, Mrs Gulhan Ozcan and Mrs Leyla Erten on Distelplein.

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Placing crowns and bridges in Zaandam

In Zaandam we have a fixed team of dental hygienist ready to help you. They are Nicola Parolin, Tatjana Sukeviciene, Ayse Ayan, Najib Jahn and Milly Chen.

Our clinic is easy to reach by public transport. Central station Zaandam is located on 5 minutes walking-distance and there are two bus-lines that drive along Rustenburg. Furthermore, there a several payed an free (10 minute walk) parking spots available in the area.

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