Restore broken molar or tooth in Amsterdam-Noord and Zaandam

Your molar or tooth has broken off, what now?

It can just happen that you have to deal with a broken molar or tooth. Just when you run away from home and you fall through a loose tile on your face. Either you bite on a hard nut and your tooth breaks off, or you get a ball against your face during exercise. Your teeth are built to be rock solid. Unfortunately, in some cases it is unavoidable that a piece of tooth breaks off.

When your tooth or molar has broken off, this naturally gives a very unpleasant feeling in your mouth. Not only can the sharp edges be painful, the tooth can also become sensitive to very sensitive and the risk of inflammation is increased. It is therefore advisable to contact your dentist immediately.

What to do with a knocked out or broken molar or tooth?

Immediately call your dentist or your dentist on duty. After working hours (evening and Sunday) you can call 020-6602750. Store the broken piece or entire tooth in milk or in the mouth. The latter may sound strange, but this is the best way to keep it. Never store the tooth or broken piece in alcohol or disinfectant. This affects the tooth to such an extent that it can no longer be used.

Should a broken molar or tooth be treated urgently?
Don’t wait too long to go to the dentist. The sooner the broken tooth can be repaired, the better. If the dentist can repair the tooth in the short term, then it will grow back together or at the root by itself. If you wait too long, it is possible that the root or tooth will die out and the remaining tooth will have to be replaced by, for example, a crown. You will also have to undergo a root canal treatment to remove the root remnant, among other things.

Should a broken molar or tooth always be extracted?

Fortunately, a tooth does not have to be extracted in all cases. There are various options for repairing the tooth without extraction. The dentist will determine the best treatment based on a check-up. For example, the dentist can choose to glue the tooth or molar to the broken part. The best treatment depends, among other things, on the condition of the rest of the molar or tooth, the duration of the breakdown and to what extent a filling or bonding is possible.

Have your teeth restored with a dental repair at Dentalzorg

Dentalzorg has all the specialists in-house in Amsterdam Noord and in Zaandam to provide you with the best quality and tailor-made treatment for a broken molar or tooth. You can rest assured that you will receive the treatment that suits your situation. There are various treatments available for dental repairs. Below you will find an overview of the most common treatments.

  • Bonding of tooth or molar
  • Restore your tooth or molar with a multi-surface filling
  • Replacing a tooth or molar with a crown
  • Veneers – Composite or Porcelain

Repair a broken molar or tooth with a multi-surface filling

A tooth or molar consists of several surfaces. You can see the tooth as a block with several sides, including the outside and inside. The outside also consists of several surfaces, such as the right and the left. We therefore mean by a multi-surface filling that several sides of a tooth will be restored. Usually this lies between 3 and 5 planes. If your tooth or molar has partially broken off, the dentist will in most cases opt for a multi-surface filling. A filling is made of composite and extremely suitable for these repairs.

The costs and reimbursement of a multi-surface filling

The cost for a multi-surface filling is approximately €100. These costs can be reimbursed by your health insurer if you have additional dental insurance. We can immediately check whether you will be reimbursed for this treatment.

Before the treatment

Meervlaksvulling voor

After the treatment

Meervlaksvulling na

Before the treatment

Tand afgebroken

After the treatment

Kroon na - tand eruit

Restore a broken molar or tooth with a crown

A crown is a replacement of an entire tooth or molar. You can see this as a cap that fits over the tooth or is secured by means of an implant. A crown is made of porcelain. The dentist will advise a crown when filling is no longer possible, for example in the case of a tooth that has broken off too far or due to tooth decay.

By placing a crown, the teeth regain their original shape. Thanks to our own dental laboratory, we manage the design of the crown in-house. Using modern 3D technologies, we design a crown that perfectly matches the rest of your teeth. This allows you to maintain your natural appearance.

Facings – Composite and Porcelain

Facings is a repair or restoration of one or more teeth, using a porcelain or composite hard layer or shield. The tooth is prepared first. The tooth is first roughened, so that the facing stays in place the best. This treatment is usually done for discolored, crooked or broken teeth. Or with a lot of space or gaps between the teeth. The result of a veneer is that your teeth are smooth and white again.

At Dentalzorg you can choose a composite veneer or a porcelain veneer. A composite facing is generally cheaper and less is ground off the tooth. A porcelain facing is made of a more durable and smoother material than composite. The color can be determined more accurately, making it look more natural.

Read more about veneers

Before the treatment

Facings voor

After the treatment

Facings na

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