Click Denture  (or Snap in Dentures) under anesthesia at DentalZorg

Click Dentures under Anesthesia: You may have dentures but you are considering getting click dentures. Or you already have implants and you want to increase the number of implants in combination with click dentures. We understand that implant treatment can be a difficult step. For example, traumatic events or extreme fear in the past can be a major barrier to visiting the dentist at all.

Because we regularly treat anxious patients under anesthesia, we have the necessary experience to take this step together with you. An anesthetic treatment at DentalZorg is the solution when there is really no possibility to perform an implant treatment for click dentures (or snap in dentures) via the regular treatment method.

Thanks to the combination of our own dental laboratory and our own dental implantologist, we manufacture high-quality click dentures on implants in a short period of time and at a competitive rate. We have a tailor-made solution for every situation. We make different click dentures:

  • For the upper jaw
  • For the lower jaw
  • Click denture without palate
  • Partial click denture

Now at DentalZorg: The total anesthetic costs for € 299,- in combination with a treatment of your own teeth and molars to click dentures.

We temporarily offer a reduced anesthetic rate of € 299 for a treatment for click dentures under anesthesia. The promotional rate only applies to the anesthetic costs and not to the treatment costs and on the condition that the click dentures are manufactured in our dental laboratory.

The costs of dental treatment are separate from the costs of anesthesia. Click dentures are reimbursed from the basic insurance in some situations, for example when there is a toothless jaw that has shrunk to such an extent that dentures no longer fit. In this situation there is still a personal contribution of € 150 per jaw. If this does not apply to you, it is advisable to see whether additional dental insurance will reimburse part or all of the costs.

In addition to the costs for a treatment, you also pay material and technical costs. The amount of these costs is partly determined by the number of implants placed. Please note that the current anesthetic rate of € 299 is temporary. So please contact us now to make an appointment. We currently have no waiting lists.

Click Dentures under Anesthesia

What does a treatment for click Denture under anesthesia look like at DentalZorg?

Our anesthesia treatments generally consist of 4 steps:

1. Consultation with a dental implantologist

During this meeting, your wishes will be mapped out and we will draw up a treatment plan together with you. Does it appear that you have an extreme fear of the dental treatment and that you cannot be treated according to the regular method? We will then make a follow-up appointment with the anesthesia coordinator.

2. Intake interview
During this meeting, the anesthesia coordinator will discuss the anesthesia treatment, costs and instructions with you. In addition, a medical questionnaire will be completed with you. After completing this list, the anesthetist will participate in the process of determining whether you are a candidate for anesthesia. Upon approval, an appointment will be made to perform the anesthesia treatment.

3. The treatment
Together with the anesthesia team, the treatment will be performed under anesthesia by the dental implantologist. The first phase is that you will be put under anesthesia by the anesthetist in peace. The second phase consists of the treatment. The third phase is that you will be taken out of the anesthesia after the treatment.

4. Recovery
After you wake up after the treatment, you will be transferred under supervision to a special room to recover. If all check-ups are good and the anesthetist and dentist consider it justified, you can go home with a companion.

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Anesthetic Questions & Answers

After reading the information on our page, we understand that you still have questions. We have therefore drawn up an overview with the most common questions and answers about the anesthesia process, the treatment, the costs and aftercare.

Why choose DentalZorg?

  • You are in the spotlight during the entire treatment, from start to finish.
  • We understand that the threshold to dental treatment is high for you. DentalZorg helps you gradually overcome this threshold.
  • Thanks to our dental laboratory, the click dentures are designed and manufactured in-house.
  • Own dental implantologist and prosthesis technicians; So you do not need a referral.
    Agreements with almost all health insurers and clarity about costs and reimbursements.
  • Clear and transparent conditions

Honest and clear advice

Because every set of teeth is different, each treatment requires an individual treatment plan. We find it important that your wishes seamlessly match the dental options and results. We also believe that there is a suitable solution for every situation. Nevertheless, it is important for you that you know where you stand, what the costs are and what will be reimbursed.

During a first appointment we discuss your personal situation, we map out your needs and possibilities. After this consultation you will immediately receive a budget. DentalZorg is happy to provide you with honest and clear tailor-made advice.

What our patients say

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