The step to dentures

You have just taken an important step in the treatment of your own teeth and molars to dentures. The teeth and molars have been removed, after which you have been given an emergency denture (immediate denture). It will now take some time for your dentures to recover and for you to finally get your definitive dentures. In the meantime, it is very important during the recovery process to follow the necessary aftercare and advice that you have received from the dentist. The aim of this is to allow the recovery and habituation to proceed as smoothly as possible.

What is an immediate prosthesis?

An immediate denture is a temporary denture that is placed after the extraction (link to extraction page) of your teeth. This ensures that you do not have to leave our practice without teeth. You can also see the immediate denture as your first experience with dentures. This temporary prosthesis also ensures that swelling of the jaw is limited.

Below you can read more about the aftercare for an immediate denture and what you should take into account when you receive an immediate denture.

The first days of wearing the immediate prosthesis

After extracting the teeth and placing the emergency denture, it can feel strange and painful to very painful for the first few days. This is very normal. Your teeth are actually wounds that need to heal and you are only at the beginning of the recovery process. The pain usually subsides within a few days.

You will visit the dentist after 24 hours for a (wound) check-up. Afterwards you go directly to the KPT for a check of your dentures. Your immediate denture will also be rebased. We are open daily throughout the year and we have at least 2 to 3 KPT staff in-house for good aftercare for our patients, also for emergencies.

Keep your immediate prosthesis in as much as possible

While wearing the immediate prosthesis, pain may arise because the prosthesis pinches. The temptation is then great to remove your prosthesis. We recommend that you do not do this. This can open the wounds in the teeth again. When the immediate denture is removed, your gums may swell. When this happens, it becomes very difficult to put the emergency denture back in the mouth because it no longer fits.

Aftercare Immediate prosthesis

Food and drink

You have been given an anesthetic for the treatment. It may be that this has not fully worked out after treatment. For this reason, you are advised to wait with eating and drinking until the anesthetic has worn off. The anesthetic ensures that you temporarily have no feeling in your teeth. Waiting to eat will prevent nasty accidents, such as biting your cheek or tongue or burning it.

It is also better not to consume very cold or very hot drinks for the first 24 hours, so that the blood clot remains and the wounds do not bleed again. This promotes the healing process. If eating is still painful at first, try eating soft foods.

Bleeding after treatment

It is quite normal for some bleeding to continue after the treatment and during the application of the emergency prosthesis. Your saliva may therefore partly consist of blood. The teeth will repair themselves and will ensure that the bleeding stops. The blood will clot. For this reason, it is better not to rinse your mouth for the first 24 hours. This will remove the blood clots, causing the bleeding to start again.

Smoking and alcohol

After having an emergency prosthesis, it is strongly advised not to drink alcohol and to smoke. This can slow down or even worsen the healing process of the wounds.

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When will I get my new dentures?

Three months after the treatment of your own teeth and molars to full dentures

After the wounds have healed, the jaw will begin to shrink. After three months we usually place a light filling at the KPT’er. After placement, we will decide whether a filling will take place.

Because we have the entire process from your own teeth to dentures in our own hands, we can pay more attention and care to you and your treatment. Our DentalZorg specialists manufacture your dentures in our own laboratory. We therefore do not deliver imported dentures from abroad. After all, we are ready for you every day to provide the best aftercare. We have mapped out a whole process for this. We are one of the few who can provide you with an immediate prosthesis within a period of five working days.

When will I get full dentures?

Most DentalZorg patients usually have their permanent dentures within 12 months. Your dentist will then determine to what extent the jaw has shrunk and when new permanent dentures can be made for you. A number of agreements will be made for this.

Do you suffer a lot from the emergency prosthesis?

Do you suffer a lot from your emergency prosthesis or is there another extreme situation other than mentioned above? Then you can always contact us for appropriate advice. In most cases we are able to help you the same day.

Costs Immediate denture

What are the costs of treatment for an immediate prosthesis?

The financial aspects of an immediate prosthesis can be complicated and confusing. The costs depend, among other things, on the number of extractions, the type of prosthesis and the adjustments that have to be made. The standard rule is that 75% is reimbursed from your basic insurance for a full immediate denture. This does not apply to the costs of the extraction treatment.

Costs of immediate Prosthesis treatment

C002 - periodic control / problem-oriented consultation€ 23,45
X21 - Making and assessing jaw overview X-ray (orthopantomogram)€ 74,07
X23 - Review jaw overview photo (from external)€ 27,16
\C011/012 - if necessary, extensive research for the purpose of drawing up, recording and providing the patient with a treatment plan€ 111,10
H11 - Pulling tooth or molar€ 46,29
H35 + H90 - Difficult tooth extraction & Preparation of practice room for surgical procedures€ 74,07
H40 - Correcting the shape of the jaw, per jaw€ 55,55
P45 - Emergency dentures (per jaw: lower or upper)€ 120,58
P45 - Emergency dentures - technique costs per jaw€ 383,04
P40 - Surcharge for immediate dentures, denture rate increased by the element to be replaced immediately (per element)€ 15,43
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Aftercare Immediate Prosthesis costs

DefinitionAmount per jawFull (Top and Bottom)
P060 - Tissue conditioning full dentures, per jaw (2x: lower jaw 1x and upper jaw 1x) € 43,21 € 86,42
P02 - Filling full dentures, indirectly with edging, per jaw (2x: lower jaw 1x and upper jaw 1x) € 87,03
€ 174,06
P02 - engineering costs € 140,16
€ 280,32
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