Denture repair in Amsterdam-Noord and Zaandam

Denture repairs – fast, professional and sustainable

Unlike many other dental practices, DentalZorg has its own dental laboratory and dental technicians in-house. This allows us to perform denture repairs quickly and efficiently, both in Amsterdam North and in Zaandam.

In fact, most minor repairs can be completed within 30 minutes. Ready while you wait. Of course you can also contact us for complex repairs to your dentures. If there is something wrong with your dentures, please contact us for an indication and repair of your dentures.

Emergency denture repair on the weekend

During the weekend you can also go to Amsterdam Noord and Zaandam for emergency repairs for your dentures. It is best to call 020-6352666. We will immediately discuss the situation with you. In this case it also applies that full dentures are reimbursed from the dentist’s basic insurance. With partial dentures, it depends on your type of insurance. We can check this for you.

Are your dentures broken or broken?

Or do you want more information? Then call Dentalzorg. You can reach us on 075-6555500 (general number for all practices). Outside and during our working hours you can send us a message using the contact form below.

What is the cost of a denture repair?

Do you have basic dental insurance and do you have complete dentures for the lower or upper jaw? In almost all cases, the repair of your dentures is covered by the basic insurance. In this case, your insurer will reimburse the repair costs. In most cases, a personal contribution of 10 percent applies.

When it comes to partial dentures, you will need additional dental insurance. We can check for you whether your current insurance covers the repair.

Do not repair your dentures yourself

We always recommend that you do not repair your dentures yourself. This can of course be an easy and quick solution in the short term. There is often talk of a quick repair with superglue. However, this will worsen rather than improve the condition of your dentures. It is quite possible that the separate parts are not 100% connected to each other.

The superglue reacts to the substance with which the dentures are made. After that, the dentures cannot be repaired. In addition, the dentures have absolutely no bearing and biting power. In other words, you can’t bite into anything. Suppose the denture breaks again, this will deteriorate the condition.

Denture repair in Amsterdam-Noord

Do you need an emergency repair to your full or partial dentures in Amsterdam North? Then you are most welcome at our location on Distelplein. Depending on the type of repair, we can perform it on site. We may bring your dentures to our laboratory for the repair. If you hand in the dentures before 10.30 am, you can pick them up the same day after 4.30 pm.

Denture repair in Zaandam

Our dental laboratory is located in Zaandam. This allows us to offer you the opportunity to have your dentures ready in 1 day after the first dental impression or to repair your dentures while you wait. This concerns dentures to replace your existing dentures, so not when you get dentures for the first time. In the morning, a dental impression of your jaw is made and we immediately start producing your new dentures, so that in the afternoon you can show off your radiantly beautiful teeth. For the treatments you can go to both our dentists in Amsterdam-Noord and our dentists in Zaandam.

Would you like more information or would you like to make an appointment with one of our specialists right away?

Please contact us.


Denture repair in Amsterdam

You are welcome at both locations for a denture repair in Amsterdam. If you hand in the dentures before 10.30 am, you can pick them up the same day after 4.30 pm. Mr. A. Diaz is your dental specialist at Distelplein.

AddressDistelplein 16
1031 XH Amsterdam
Phone number020-6352666

Denture repair in Zaandam

Our dental laboratory is located in Zaandam. If you hand in the dentures before 10.30 am, you can pick them up the same day after 4.30 pm. Mr. R. Schmidt is your dental specialist at the Rustenburg in Zaandam.

AddressRustenburg 118
1506 AZ Zaandam
Phone number075-6555500

Plan your journey

Check in Google Maps:

Distelplein 16, Amsterdam Noord

Kamperfoelieweg 9, Amsterdam Noord

Rustenburg 108, Zaandam

Both dental practices are located at Mosplein. Buses 34 and 35 from Amsterdam Central Station stop at Mosplein. From Zaandam CS you can take bus 391. There are several paid parking spaces in the region.

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