Specialist in implants and implantological treatments

At DentalZorg in Amsterdam-Noord and Zaandam you can go for implantological treatments, from implants for a crown to click dentures on implants. We not only have dentists, but also dental hygienists, dental implantologists and even our own dental laboratory under one roof. This allows us to provide you with professional, high-quality and high-quality dental implants at a competitive rate and in a short period of time. DentalZorg has a suitable solution for every situation.

What is an implant?

Implants are the basis of a crown, bridge or dentures. A dental implant can best be compared to an artificial tooth root, which replaces an absent root and is usually fixed like a screw in a jaw. Dental implants therefore serve to replace one or more teeth and/or molars, and keep a crown, bridge or click denture in place. Implants are made of a body-friendly material, usually titanium, which is sometimes provided with a ceramic coating. As a result, an implant is very strong, durable and true-to-life, so that it usually lasts a lifetime.

Which treatments are available?
kroon tand implantaat

Crown on implant

Above is an example of a single dental implant with a crown. A crown is placed on an implant when only one tooth needs to be replaced. This can be when a tooth or molar is missing or is no longer suitable for a filling. The crown ensures stability of the teeth.

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Brug implantaten

Bridge on implants

Above is an example of a bridge on implants. This bridge is placed when there is a row of teeth that need to be pulled. A bridge usually consists of a maximum of 5 or 6 molars and teeth in a row and is made of porcelain to give the right fit and appearance.

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klikgebit implantaten

Click dentures on implants

Above you see an example of a click denture on implants. The difference between dentures and click dentures is that dentures adhere to the upper jaw. This can cause the jawbone to shrink. A click denture is clicked onto (a bar on) implants and can provide a better chewing function.

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Treatment with implants is possible in three situations. The first situation is when a single tooth is missing. In this case, a dental implantologist places a crown on an implant. However, if several teeth are missing, a bridge should be placed on one or two implants. The third case involves placing a denture on two or more implants to replace several or all of the missing teeth. In the latter case, an overdenture is clicked onto the implants, a so-called click denture. A click denture on an implant is removable, but crowns and bridges on implants, on the other hand, are permanently fixed in a jaw.

Before an implant can be placed, however, a number of conditions must be met. For example, treatment can only be started when the jaw is fully grown and there is sufficient jaw bone for anchoring the implants. It is also important that both the jawbone and the surrounding gums are healthy. If this is not the case, it must first be treated by a dental hygienist.

Referral for implantology to Dentalzorg

Within Dentalzorg you do not need a referral letter to make an appointment for implantological treatment. This is the great advantage of Dentalzorg, we have almost all specialists under one roof. This has the advantage for you that the communication channels are short and that a follow-up appointment can be arranged at very short notice. Is your dentist at another practice? Then you can also contact us for your dental treatments. A referral is not necessary.

Would you like to register with Dentalzorg, so that we can also contact you for your regular treatments? Then you can use the registration form. Would you rather we call you back to go through your registration? Then fill in the call me back form.

What are the costs of an implant at Dentalzorg?

The cost of an implant varies greatly per treatment. This also applies to the fees. In principle, dental implants are reimbursed from the basic insurance if you are completely toothless and meet specific requirements. However, the costs will then be deducted from your statutory deductible.

If you are not completely toothless, in most cases implants are not or only partially reimbursed from your additional dental insurance. However, the prices and reimbursements of an implant from an additional insurance policy differ greatly per health insurer.

Honest and clear advice

DentalZorg focuses on the nationally determined rates for dental care. A complete overview of the current rates can be found on the website of the Dutch Healthcare Authority. Because every set of teeth is different, it also requires an individual treatment plan. During a consultation we will discuss your personal situation, provide you with insight into the treatment plan and prepare a budget for you. DentalZorg is happy to provide you with honest and clear tailor-made advice.

Contracted specialist at VGZ

Are you insured with one of the health insurers of the Coöperatie VGZ? Then we would like to point out that implantology treatments are reimbursed for 80% if you are treated by a non-contracted dentist. Our specialist Mrs. Abdoel is a contracted dental implantologist at VGZ. This means that your treatment can be reimbursed for 100%. This is already included in the policy conditions of 1 January 2016, the measure came into effect from September 2016. This mainly concerns patients who have a ‘in-kind policy’.

Calculation example for a non-contracted care provider

An implant-supported prosthesis in the lower jaw costs €1000. In accordance with the relevant policy conditions, 80% is reimbursed for treatment by a non-contracted care provider. In addition, a personal contribution of €125 applies for a prosthesis on implants. VGZ reimburses here (€1000 * 80%) minus €125 personal contribution = €675.

Read more about VGZ’s general terms and conditions.

Dentist-implantologist PhD. S.F. Abdoel

Our dentist-implantologist Mrs. Abdoel graduated from the VU in 2012, specializing in periodontics and implantology. After graduating, she was intensively involved in courses at the Dutch Association for Oral Implantology (NVOI) and she is registered with the NVOI as a candidate dentist-implantologist.

Mrs. Abdoel has successfully performed many complex to very complex treatments, from a standard prosthesis or crown for the lower jaw to various surgical procedures in the upper jaw. At Ms Abdoel, you as a patient are always central and think along with you. During a consultation she will be happy to tell you what implants can do for your teeth.

Dentist-Implantologist S. Abdoel

Big: 39916229002

Why choose DentalZorg?

  • You are central during the entire treatment, we give you the full attention you deserve
  • Own dental laboratory: design and manufacture is done in-house by our specialists
  • Your own dental implantologist, so you do not need a referral. This speeds up your treatment considerably.
  • Contracts with almost all health insurers, clarity about costs and reimbursements
  • Clear and transparent conditions

Honest and clear advice

Because every set of teeth is different, each treatment requires an individual treatment plan. We find it important that your wishes seamlessly match the dental options and results. We also believe that there is a suitable solution for every situation. Nevertheless, it is important for you that you know where you stand, what the costs are and what will be reimbursed.

During a first appointment we discuss your personal situation, we map out your needs and possibilities. After this consultation you will immediately receive a budget. DentalZorg is happy to provide you with honest and clear tailor-made advice.

Would you like to know more about our implant treatments under anesthesia?

We offer you the option of having your implants treated under anesthesia. With a general anesthetic you will not feel or notice anything of the dental treatment. You can do this in Amsterdam-Noord and in Zaandam.

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Implants in Amsterdam-Noord

Our team of dentists in Amsterdam Noord are highly skilled and experienced with anxiety patients. In Amsterdam North we have two dental practices, located at the Mosplein on the Kamperfoelieweg and on the Distelplein.

On the Kamperfoelieweg you can visit the experienced dentist May-Ling Tjon Tson Joe jin and the sweet dentist Milly Chen. The quiet dentist Ramzi Al Romi, Mrs Gulhan Ozcan and Leyla Erten is located on Distelplein.

Zoek, vind en waardeer zorgaanbieders op ZorgkaartNederland.nllogo npcf mobileDentalZorg, locatie Amsterdam Distelplein is gewaardeerd op ZorgkaartNederland.

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AddressDistelplein 16
1031 XH Amsterdam
Phone number020-6352666

AddressKamperfoelieweg 13
1032 HD Amsterdam
Phone number020-6320728


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Monday:08.00 am – 05:30 pm
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Saturday:10:00 am – 03:00 pm

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Distelplein 16, Amsterdam Noord

Kamperfoelieweg 9, Amsterdam Noord

Both dental practices are located at Mosplein. Buses 34 and 35 from Amsterdam Central Station stop at Mosplein. From Zaandam CS you can take bus 391. There are several paid parking spaces in the region.

Implants in Zaandam

In Zaandam you can contact Mr. H. Haime and Mrs. S. Abdoel. They are supported by the dentists Mrs. M. Chen, A. Ayhan, Mr. N. Parolin and Mr. N. Jahn. Your dental technician is Mr. R. Schmidt

Our practice is easily accessible by public transport, Zaandam NS Station is a 5-minute walk away and there are two bus lines that run along the Rustenburg. There are also several paid and free (10-minute walk) parking spaces available in the area.

Zoek, vind en waardeer zorgaanbieders op ZorgkaartNederland.nllogo npcf mobileDentalZorg, locatie Zaandam is gewaardeerd op ZorgkaartNederland. Bekijk alle waarderingen.

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1506 AZ Zaandam
Phone number075-6555500
Email addressvragen@dentalzorg.nl


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Our dental practice in Zaandam is located on Rustenburg in the center of Zaandam, near the West side. Within walking distance you will find Zaandam Station where all bus and train lines come together. There are also several free and paid parking spaces around the VolksPark and the Zeemansstraat.

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