Laughing gas sedation at the dentist

About a quarter of the Dutch population is afraid of the dentist. Partly because of this fear, it may be that you have not been to the dentist for years. This can lead to increased dental problems. These dental problems can have other unpleasant consequences. Do you recognize yourself in this? Then you can opt for a treatment under nitrous oxide sedation together with DentalZorg.

We understand that dental care should be accessible to everyone, including anxious patients. But the fear may cause you to delay this concern. DentalZorg and our team of practitioners see it as an important task to help patients with extreme fear of the dentist and the resulting treatment delay with a targeted approach. Laughing gas sedation can be the solution to continue the dental treatment. This allows you to undergo the treatment with more peace of mind.

DentalZorg would like to offer you a complete package of dental care and services. With us you have the advantage that we offer almost all dental treatments under one roof. This allows multiple treatments to take place during one visit and you know from the start where you stand and what to expect. Another advantage is that we regard our patients as a low-threshold and very accessible dental practice.


How does a treatment under laughing gas sedation work at the dentist?

The scientific name for nitrous oxide is nitrous oxide (N2O). The laughing gas we use is mixed with oxygen. Inhaling the gas relaxes the body and mind and therefore has a calming effect. One of the misconceptions about nitrous oxide is that the patient is put to sleep. This is not the case, as the patient remains awake during the procedure. During the treatments you may feel a little light-headed and/or experience a floating feeling.

Consequences of fear

Fear of the dentist often results in deteriorating oral health and general health. The effects are often serious. At a later stage this leads to bigger problems with serious consequences for the mouth, the general health and the psychosocial situation of the patient. The extraction of teeth in combination with dentures are often the only options and that can be a radical treatment. We encounter this every day.


Our goal is to overcome your fear of the dentist

Fortunately, most patients introduced to DentalZorg can be treated without nitrous oxide sedation. A treatment under nitrous oxide does not ensure that the fear disappears or will disappear completely. It is one of the means to ensure that you can undergo the treatment as well as possible.

Our aim is to be able to treat you in the normal way. Is the fear too great and is treatment with laughing gas necessary? Then our dentists will perform the treatment with laughing gas. They will do everything they can to make you feel at ease and to experience the treatment as comfortable as possible.

You will be helped by specialists

Our dentists and the entire team undergo special training for anxiety counseling and nitrous oxide sedation according to the corresponding standards of the guidelines with a regular update of knowledge and skills.


What are the costs for the laughing gas treatment?

The additional costs for administering the laughing gas are:

B10 – Introduction sedation (laughing gas sedation)€ 30,86
B11 - Administration of sedation (laughing gas sedation)€ 30,86
B12 - Overhead costs of sedation (laughing gas sedation)€ 38,04
Total nitrous oxide costs€ 99,76

To this are added the dental costs.


We offer nitrous oxide treatments for:

We offer nitrous oxide treatments for almost all dental treatments. This includes:

  • in case of treatment delay in combination with fear of dentistry and where regular treatment is not an option;
  • dental renovation;
  • pulling teeth / molars;
  • from your own teeth to full or partial dentures;
  • a treatment for click dentures on implants;
  • crown or bridge in combination with one or more implants;
  • fillings;
  • root canal treatment;
  • gum treatments performed by the dentist (periodontological treatment)

Laughing gas sedation for children

Does your child have an extreme fear of the dentist and fear of feeling pain? Then a treatment under laughing gas sedation can be a good solution. Nitrous oxide is more often used in children who are very afraid of medical procedures and also in dental treatment.

We apply laughing gas sedation in a safe way, while your child remains conscious. Your child will be able to undergo the treatment with more peace of mind. Children older than four years can be treated under nitrous oxide.


What does a laughing gas treatment at DentalZorg look like?

1. The consultation:
Here it is mainly about getting used to the environment and being able to share your problems and wishes with us. The dentist will inform you about the options for treating you. To determine an indication, the dentist will calmly look into your mouth, taking into account your fear. The dentist will then draw up a treatment plan and, if necessary, take pictures. The dentist will also look at your health situation and whether laughing gas is the solution that suits you. Entirely in consultation with you, the dentist will discuss the next step and schedule a next appointment.

2. the treatment:
When it appears that there is no other option than to undergo the treatment with nitrous oxide, the second step is dental treatment with nitrous oxide. The ultimate goal is always to integrate the patient into the regular process.


We don’t need a referral for laughing gas sedation

You do not need a referral from your own dentist to treat under nitrous oxide at the dentist. Making an appointment with the laughing gas dentist at one of our practices is easy. We have several dentists who are trained to treat with nitrous oxide. In addition, at DentalZorg you have the advantage that you can have almost all treatments performed under laughing gas sedation within our practices in Zaandam and Amsterdam Noord. As a result, you no longer need a referral at all, resulting in a short treatment time.

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Laughing gas Dentist in Amsterdam North and Zaandam

For dental treatment under laughing gas sedation you are most welcome at our dental practices in Amsterdam Noord and Zaandam. Professional treatment rooms with the necessary equipment have been prepared for this. The dental treatment takes place under the supervision of the laughing gas dentist.

Our dental practice in Zaandam has a central location and is therefore easy to reach for people outside Zaandam. Our dental practice in Amsterdam is also easy to reach by car and public transport. Some of our patients come from all over the country and often even travel more than 100 km to have us treated under nitrous oxide. We are regularly told that distance plays virtually no role in a confidential dental practice such as DentalZorg.

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