In order to ensure high-quality services DentalZorg composed a Complaint Resolution Procedure.

What to do if you are not satisfied?

Most clients are happy with their dentist, practitioner or specialist. Nevertheless, it is possible that you are not satisfied. It is important to do something with this dissatisfaction. DentalZorg is happy to resolve your complaint.

DentalZorg provides you with various possibilities to express you complaint:

• Inform the specialist or employee involved personally, and if necessary in presence of the manager.
• Fill in the complaint form available on the website.
• Write an Email
• Send a letter

Communication about the complaint and its resolution

• Most complaints are due to a communication failure and can be solved quickly and on the spot. Therefore it is advisable to first give the practitioner involved, the opportunity to handle your complaint.
• If you are still not satisfied with the answers of your practitioner, then send your complaint in writing using one of the above mentioned methods.
• Within 3 working days you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt from our complaints officer.
• Within 21 working days we will inform you about the status and procedure of your complaint.

Complaints officer

Our complaints officer contributes to the optimization of the work processes around complaint procedures. The complaints officer is also appointed to secure the progress of the handling of the submitted complaints. Our complaints officer makes sure that submitted complaints, dependent of their nature, reaches the practitioner involved. The complaints officer can also act independently between you and the practitioner involved to come up with an acceptable solution for both parties.

The next step

If you can’t resolve the complaint together, then a procedure will follow in which u have to file your complaint in writing. From this moment, the complaints committee will handle your complaint. Ask for a copy of our complaints procedure. DentalZorg uses the complaints procedures which are in accordance with the guidelines of the KNMT (Koninklijke Nederlandse Maatschappij tot bevordering der Tandheelkunde). You can also seek advice and information by phone from Tandheelkundig Informatie Punt (TIP, phone: 0900 20 25 012, €0,90 per call). TIP is founded by the professional body of dentists, the KNMT. The procedure differs per situation. The TIP employee can advise you further.

More information about the complaint handling procedure can be requested at the KNMT. You can do this in writing via Postbus 2000, 3430 CA Nieuwegein

You can sent your complaint to:

Dentalzorg Client Service
Postbus 37100
1030 AC Amsterdam

    Fill in the complaint form below