What is an implant?

Implants act as an artificial root and thus form the basis of a crown, bridge or dentures. A dental implant replaces the original tooth root and is usually fitted as a screw in a jaw. Dental implants therefore serve to replace one or more teeth and/or molars, and keep a crown, bridge or click denture in place.

Implants are made of a body-friendly material, usually titanium, which is sometimes provided with a ceramic coating. This ensures that the implant is very strong, true-to-life and durable, so that it usually lasts a lifetime.


When can the dentist give the advice for an implant?

In some situations, a tooth or the entire set of teeth is so badly damaged that repair is no longer possible. Teeth or molars can be so badly damaged that they can no longer perform their function. Sometimes it can also be the case that a tooth or molar has fallen during an accident. In all these situations, implants are the excellent solution.

There are several situations conceivable in which you are considering having implants. For example, you have been hesitating for years to get a tooth or molar implant because of a void between your teeth. Or you already have dentures but you would like to switch to click dentures on implants because your dentures no longer fit properly.


Placing an implant under anesthesia

Are you or do you know someone who needs implant treatment, but is extremely anxious about the treatment and cannot be helped according to the regular treatment method? You can now take the first step by choosing an implant treatment under anesthesia at Dentalzorg. We will ensure that this treatment takes place together with you.
For example, you have been hesitating for years to get a tooth or molar implant. Or you already have dentures but you would like to switch to click dentures on implants. Dental care can do something about this together with you.


Implants in combination with different treatments

DentalZorg would like to offer you a complete package of medical care and services. We have almost all specialists under one roof. This allows us to perform various dental treatments under anesthesia:

We can perform the following treatments in our practice under anesthesia:

  • Pulling one or more molars and teeth under anesthesia
  • One or more implants
  • Crown on implant
  • Bridge on implants
  • Dentures under anesthesia
  • Click dentures below, above or completely on implants

Now at DentalZorg: The total anesthetic costs for € 299,- in combination with a treatment of your own teeth and molars to click dentures.

DentalZorg pays for this anesthetic treatment a large part of the costs for the anesthesia itself to make dental care more accessible. The costs of dental treatment are separate from the costs of anesthesia. Please note that the current anesthetic rate of € 299 is temporary. So please contact us now to make an appointment. We currently have no waiting lists.

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Dentist-implantologist Mrs. s.f. Abdul, MSc

Our dentist-implantologist Mrs. Abdoel graduated from the VU in 2012, specializing in periodontics and implantology. After graduating, she was intensively involved in courses at the Dutch Association for Oral Implantology (NVOI) and she is registered with the NVOI as a candidate dentist-implantologist.

Mrs. Abdoel has successfully performed many complex to very complex treatments, from a standard denture or crown for the lower jaw to various surgical procedures in the upper jaw. At Ms Abdoel, you as a patient are always central and think along with you. During a consultation she will be happy to tell you what implants can do for your teeth.

Dentist-Implantologist S. Abdoel

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Why is the anesthesia treatment at DentalZorg so accessible?

During the anesthesia treatment, DentalZorg pays part of the anesthesia costs itself to make dental care more accessible. Many people walk around with very worrisome teeth, these people are ashamed to laugh and cannot handle regular dental treatments out of fear. We also want these people to be able to visit the dentist.

Please note that the current anesthetic prices are temporary. So please contact us now to make an appointment. We currently have no waiting lists.

Anesthetic Dentist in Zaandam

We perform anesthesia treatments in our dental practice in Zaandam. We have prepared two modern and professional treatment rooms for this. Our anesthesia team consists of highly experienced anesthetists and has been treating dentistry under anesthesia for more than 15 years.

The anesthetist monitors your vital signs during the treatment, such as your breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. The practice is located in the center, five minutes from the station. This makes us easy to reach for patients outside Zaandam.

Anesthetic Dentist in Amsterdam

You are of course welcome in Amsterdam for an anesthetic consultation. Based on this consultation, we can determine what your needs are and whether treatment under anesthesia at the dentist is possible. For the anesthesia treatment itself, we will refer you to our dental practice in Zaandam.

What are the costs of an implant at Dentalzorg?

The cost of an implant varies greatly per treatment. The reimbursements for implants also depend entirely on your personal situation. In principle, dental implants are only fully reimbursed from the basic insurance if you are completely toothless. However, the costs will then be deducted from your statutory deductible. If you are not completely toothless, implants will not be reimbursed, or only partially, from your additional dental insurance. However, the prices and reimbursements of an implant from an additional insurance policy differ greatly per health insurer.


Honest and clear advice

DentalZorg focuses on the nationally determined rates for dental care. A complete overview of the current rates can be found on the website of the Dutch Healthcare Authority. Because every set of teeth is different, it also requires an individual treatment plan. During a consultation we will discuss your personal situation, provide you with insight into the treatment plan and prepare a budget for you. DentalZorg is happy to provide you with honest and clear tailor-made advice.

What our patients say:

Read more about the experiences of other patients who have been treated under anesthesia at DentalZorg.

Our patients give us an average of 9 and we are very proud of that!

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