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Dental hygienist in Zaandam and Amsterdam Noord

Good dental care

The mouth is, of course, a very important part of the face and for a lot of people the part which they want to stand out with. Furthermore, it is a great feeling when you can laugh without worrying about dental plaque, bad breath or inflammation. Therefore, good dental care is important for your oral health and the condition of your teeth.

Scientific research has shown that unhealthy teeth have a major impact on our well-being. Unhealthy teeth can cause many illnesses or deviations of even worsen it. Think of diabetes mellitus (diabetes), cardiovascular diseases and complications during pregnancy. More reasons to not only properly maintain your teeth, but also your gums. Because brushing alone is not enough.

The dental hygienists of DentalZorg

Our dental hygienists in Amsterdam Noord and in Zaandam are at your service to keep your teeth clean and healthy. They also treat inflamed gums, colored teeth or a bad breath. We would like to help you by:

  • Giving personal attention and focusing on you as a patient;
  • Composing a dental treatment plan;
  • Providing comprehensive information and appropriate advice for optimal dental care;
  • Treating possible risks and dental complaints on time.

Combining appointments

Because we provide you with all kind of specialists under one roof, we can easy combine your appointments. For example a periodical check-up in combination with an appointment at the dental hygienist. We can also easily combine orthodontic treatments in Amsterdam Noord and in Zaandam. This is not only beneficial for your agenda, but also for you as patient since we can provide your dental care immediately.

We recommend to visit the dental hygienist at least once a year. Prevent cavities and inflamed gums (periodontitis) and easily schedule an appointment at one of our practitioners.

No dental referrals and waiting lists

Nowadays you no longer need a dental referral from your dentist. So you can easily make an appointment with the dental hygienist or the prevention assistant. It is possible for a dentist to redirect you to a dental hygienist. This is the case when the dentist observes problems or complaints which the dental hygienist can treat.

We almost never have waiting lists. You can visit all our dentist practices for a dental hygiene treatment. Do you wish to be treated by a specific dental hygienist in Amsterdam Noord or Zaandam? Then you can of course indicate this when making the appointment. We will do our best to schedule the appointment on the date you wish. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. We hope for your understanding.

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When to schedule an appointment at the Dental hygienist?

At the 6 monthly check-up of the dentist, the dentist measures the condition of your teeth, including your gums and whether plaque and/or inflammations are present. This measurement is also called the DSPI score. Between your teeth and gum there is a natural amount of space. The medical term for this is “pocket”.

By proper maintenance of your teeth, for example by flossing and brushing, these pockets remain in good condition and the depth of the pocket stays minimal. As a result, there is little or no chance for bacteria. Below you will find an overview of the DPSI score:

  1. De gum is healthy
  2. The gum is inflamed, you have Gingivitis
  3. Besides Gingivitis you also have tartar
  4. Breakdown of the support tissues, you have periodontitis (pocket> 4 and <6)
  5. Periodontitis in combination with receding gums
  6. A further deterioration of situation 3 (pocket 6 or bigger)

Based on the DPSI score, the dentist can refer you to a dental hygienist or prevention assistant. With a DPSI score of 1 or 2 you get a dental referral to the prevention assistant. The prevention assistant takes care of:

  • The removal of tartar and dental plaque;
  • Polishing the teeth;
  • Measuring the DPSI score;
  • Fluoride treatments;
  • Information and instructions regarding dental care and how to maintain your teeth

In the following cases it would be very recommendable to visit the dental hygienist:

  • In case of receding gums;
  • In case of red, inflamed, swollen and/or bleeding gums;
  • In case of loose teeth or molars;
  • In case of regular plaque or tartar on your teeth;
  • In case of a bad taste in your mouth or bad breath (halitosis);
  • In case of an illness or anomaly that may be affected by your dental health (systemic anomalies).

What are the rates for a dental hygiene treatment?

The costs for a standard dental cleaning is around € 83,- for every half hour. There are also additional costs:

  • Consultation / Preventive information and / or instructions (code M01) – €13,84 per 5 minutes;
  • Fluoride treatment (code M40) – € 15,43 (This is regarding an indication and is dependent of the sort of fluoride treatment);
  • Sealing the tooth/molar – € 27,78 per first tooth/molar, then € 15,43 per tooth/molar;
  • In case of a paro-treatment you will receive an overview of the costs in advance.

Are the costs of the treatment at the dental hygienist reimbursed by your health insurer?

The costs for a treatment are mostly always reimbursed by your health insurer, provided you have additional dental insurance. We have agreements with almost all health insurers, because of this we can inform you in advance what the costs are and whether they will be reimbursed or not. You can always call us for information. We would like to help you identify the costs and what your own contribution may be. Beware that in case of a treatment which falls under periodontitis, you will always have to contact your health insurer first to make sure that these are reimbursed.

Dental hygienist Amsterdam Noord

Our team of dental hygienists and prevention assistants in Amsterdam Noord are at your service. They are known for their involvement, open appearance, expertise and appropriate advice. Some practitioners speak English, Arabic, Turkish and Iranian.

We have two clinics in Amsterdam Noord, located near Mosplein at Kamperfoelieweg and on Distelplein. On Kamperfoelieweg Mrs. E. Acinik is our regular dental hygienist. You can visit Mr E. Kanigur, Ms H. Yildiz and Ms F. Nikrawesh on Distelplein.

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Contact details

AddressDistelplein 16
1031 XH Amsterdam
Phone number020-6352666

AddressKamperfoelieweg 13
1032 HD Amsterdam
Phone number020-6320728


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Opening hours

Monday:08.00 am – 05:30 pm
Tuesday:08.00 am – 05:30 pm
Wednesday:08.00 am – 05:30 pm
Thursday:08.00 am – 05:30 pm
Friday:08.00 am – 05:30 pm
Saturday:10:00 am – 03:00 pm

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Distelplein 16, Amsterdam Noord

Kamperfoelieweg 9, Amsterdam Noord

both dentistry centres are locate at Mosplein. Bus 34 and 35, both have a bus stop at Mosplein (from Amsterdam CS). If you visit us from Zaandam then you can travel with bus 391.There are also several parking spots available in the area.

Dental hygienist Zaandam

In Zaandam we have a fixed team of dental hygienist ready to help you. They are Mrs. Huriye Yildiz, Mrs. Amal Nouere and Mrs. Hoda Salbi. They are supported by the prevention assistant Mrs. B. Tanriverdi. They are known for their involvement, open appearance, expertise and appropriate advice.

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Contact details

AddressRustenburg 118
1506 AZ Zaandam
Phone number075-6555500


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Opening hours

Monday:08.00 am – 05:30 pm
08.00 am – 08:00 pm
Wednesday:08.00 am – 08:00 pm
Thursday:08.00 am – 05:30 pm
Friday:08.00 am – 05:30 pm
Saturday:10:00 am – 03:00 pm

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Our dentistry centre in Zaandam is located on Rustenburg in the centre of Zaandam, near the Westzijde. You will find all bus and train lines at the station of Zaandam within walking distance. Furthermore, there are also several paid and free (10 minute walk) parking spots available near Volkspark and Zeemanstraat.

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