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We welcome you at DentalZorg for all orthodontic treatments in Amsterdam Noord and Zaandam. Orthodontics is the specialty in dentistry that focuses on improving the position of teeth in the jaws. This can for example be a correction of (too) crooked teeth or teeth that do not match well. In this case you can choose for a brace.

A brace makes sure that your teeth and molars are situated in one nice line and that your jaws come together straightly. You will not only notice that chewing will go a lot easier, but also brushing your teeth will go much more smoothly. Moreover, the straight teeth will improve your appearance and smile significantly. Nowadays a brace treatment doesn’t have to last for years. Some orthodontic treatment plans are shorter. The duration depends on the amount of teeth that has to be treated. We like you to inform you more.

Braces for children

At young age and after having grown adult teeth it might be a good idea to consider a brace. For example in case of above-mentioned situations. That’s why the biggest group of patients having a brace are in the age category of 10 – 18 years. The growth of the jaw is still easy to influence during this age category. For example in case of crooked teeth it also makes the treatment more easier and the results will be better in very short time period. Choosing the type of brace is quite extensive nowadays with dozens of colors and even invisible braces.

Importance of the position of the teeth/molars

The most importance reasons are:

  • Improvement of chewing and biting
    The functional purpose of the teeth is to chew. When your teeth and molars are crooked, you will notice that chewing becomes more difficult. This can even result in very painful jaw complaints. Complaints regarding the jaw are noticed very quickly. That’s why you shouldn’t ponder too long about the question: ‘do you need a brace or not’.
  • Hygiene and maintenance of the teeth
    Crooked teeth are much more difficult to maintain than when your teeth are straight. Toothpicks will not reach the places which they have to reach. Insufficient hygiene can result in tooth decay, like cavities or gum diseases. Eventually this can cause the loss of your teeth. A brace is a wise decision to prevent this.
  • Improvement of appearance
    Your outer appearance is an important part of the self-confidence. Having a brace to improve the self-confidence is also called an aesthetic argument. Aesthetics stands for a positive appearance and creates self-confidence. After all, nothing is better than to start your day with a shiny teeth and a bright smile.
  • Prevention of decay and wear
    Crooked teeth cause faster decay and wear. The reason of this is unequal use of the teeth, for example teeth grinding and jaw clenching. With a brace you make sure that the weight and use of the teeth are corrected. After this treatment, a specialist at DentalZorg can repair wear marks invisibly.

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What does the dental treatment plan look like?

An orthodontic treatment consists of two phases:

The orthopedic phase
In this phase the growth of the jaw is affected by means of the brace. The loose brace corrects the overbite of the jaw and with a fixed (glued) brace we can widen the upper jaw to make more room for crooked teeth and molars. With this, it is no longer necessary to pull out teeth and molars to create more space.

One of the advantages of this phase is that it can be started at a young age, mostly from the age of ten. In this way, our dentists create beautiful and bright smiles.

The orthodontic phase
During an orthodontic treatment, one of our specialists will stick several brackets on the teeth and connect them with a thin steel wire. By tightening this wire, a firm pressure is exerted on the teeth, which ensures that the teeth gradually take up the desired position.

As the position continues to improve, the pressure will decrease. Therefore, it is necessary to tighten the wire over time. This should be repeated a number of times until the desired position is reached. A precondition is that the canines and small molars must be changed into adult teeth for this.

How long does an orthodontic treatment take?

The duration of the treatment varies for every patient. It can approximately take one to two years. The duration also depends on the current state of the teeth and molars. The dentist for orthodontics also gives instructions for daily maintenance. Observing these instructions also has effect on the duration of the treatment. During the treatment you will have a few mid-term consultations with the dentist for orthodontics. In this way, the dentist can determine better whether everything goes well and according to expectations.

The role of your dentist for orthondics

The dentist can specialize him/herself in placing braces. During the first consultation our dental specialist will make clear what the duration is of a treatment and what the costs can be. You can always require more information odr ask questions regarding an orthodontic treatment and the costs of a brace by phone. However, in all cases a consultation at the dental specialist for orthodontics is necessary.

Are braces covered in the basic-insurance?

Braces are not covered in the basic-insurance. That’s why the costs for a brace treatment are, unfortunately, never reimbursed within the basic-insurance. However, these costs are reimbursed with an additional insurance for orthodontics. It is possible your health care insurer uses extra preconditions or another form of additional insurance. This also applies on individuals below 18 years. Do you want to know if you are eligible for a brace or orthodontic treatment? Then it is best to contact your health insurance.

Do you need more information? Or you just want to schedule an appointment?

Feel free to call us for further questions or to schedule an appointment. Or fill in the contact form below. We are happy to help you regarding your search of more information about orthodontics or orthodontic treatments. Do you have practical questions, for example about wearing a brace? Feel free to contact our dental clinics in Amsterdam or our dental clinic in Zaandam. Because we have all specialists under one roof, a referral from your family doctor is not needed.

Are your braces broken? Or do you have other problems with your braces?

Do wait too long with repairing your brace. It is very important that your brace, regardless of which type you have, is repaired as soon as possible; in order to ensure the integrity and function of the brace. For example, do you wait till Friday to make an appointment then it is possible that we cannot help you before the weekend starts. For this reason, call us immediately and don’t wait in order to schedule an appointment with us on short notice.

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