Anesthesia dentists experiences

We recognize that the step to the anesthesia dentist for extremely anxious patients is not always easy. We see in our treated anesthesia patients that this is often greatly delayed. Fear, nerves and not knowing what the expectations are play a major role in this.

In order to make the step to anesthetic treatment as accessible as possible, we have collected the anesthesia experiences of our patients, so that other anxious people can also receive dental care. Our anesthesia patients indicate, among other things, that they should have come much earlier, since everything is not that bad.

Below you can read the anesthesia experiences of our anesthesia patients.

Read the experiences of our anesthesia patients

I have experienced the anesthesia treatment at DentalZorg as super! I am super satisfied.

I live in Friesland and they couldn’t help me there. Then I called a few dentists in my area, but I am really scared to death for the dentist. So I’ve been honest about that. I have a chipped tooth and can’t work like that. I wanted help with that, but preferably under anesthesia. So I work in Amsterdam and then I called my employer and asked if he still has addresses and he told me to call DentalZorg and I could contact you immediately.

In the end I was just treated really well. At the first appointment at the practice I was welcomed by the dentist and he went to look in my mouth. I was very scared and had to lie in the chair, but dentist Humprey really reassured me and explained well what he was going to do. He then took a picture and a week later I was in the chair under anesthesia.

They also gave me the other options. I wanted to go way too fast so they slowed me down a bit and rightly so. And so we entered the trajectory of dentures. I wasn’t completely satisfied with the practical side of the dentures, I didn’t like it and it didn’t taste good with food. So we started a click-denture trajectory.

With the normal dentures I couldn’t eat what I wanted to eat yet. For example, when eating a hard sandwich, he became loose again. And I wanted to get rid of that. I could never eat a croissant that came out of the oven and that’s over now. And now I can just chew, delicious!

I think I was a boy about 7 years old I was pushed into the dental chair and after that I never went to the dentist and I am now a 56 year old man. I was in so much pain pulling out a tooth with pliers . I’ve done the craziest things to get rid of that pain. While everything is not so bad at the dentist these days

I have children and grandchildren and I now tell my children to just brush hard because that is important because otherwise you will get the same thing I have. Then they say: what you have is very beautiful.

Grade: Ultimately a 10, only if you give a 10 you can’t improve it anywhere so if I can give a 9.5 which is meant to be a 10, if I may say so.

Grade: 9.5

Mr. J.R. Faber

I contacted DentalZorg for anesthetic treatment, because not everyone offers this. That’s how I found you through the internet. I was very afraid of the dentist. I don’t have to have needles in my gums either, so just give me anesthetic and that’s it.

I have experienced the anesthesia treatment as very good. In terms of appearance it is an improvement anyway, but it does take some getting used to and it has all been very well explained to me that this can take a while. My environment also reacts positively to it. People think my teeth are beautiful and are especially happy that I took the step. Because bad teeth also have an effect on the rest of the body.

Everything went well at the dentist and everything was explained well. Even if I had a busy spot and called, I could always go right away. A certain threshold has certainly been removed. And I now also say to everyone around me and also to my children: just go to the dentist and don’t let it get that far, because it’s best to keep your own teeth. In short, I am super satisfied!

Grade: 8+

Mrs D. Tjerks

In any case, I am really terribly afraid of the dentist, injections and just about everything that happens in the mouth. I then googled the internet and came across Dentalzorg. I had already heard from a colleague that you also do anesthesia and I heard positive stories. My upper jaw was still good, but the lower jaw was just not good anymore and was missing some teeth.

I have experienced the anesthesia treatment as very pleasant. I’m generally nervous about what’s going to happen, but the people around me were so sweet and kind. Everything I wanted to know they really explained to me in a very sweet way. My compliments to you!

When it was done I was surprised it was already over. It all went very quickly. After treatment I was well taken care of and in a rest room and my husband was also allowed to join. The nap was also very good. My mouth is doing better now anyway and I also have the idea that my jaw has shrunk quite a bit.

With the prosthesis I notice that I can laugh a bit more freely and I also notice that I dare to laugh more with photos. A bit of self-confidence has been added 100%, that’s for sure. I am not afraid of the dentist at all anymore. So that’s only positive.

Grade: definitely a 10!

Mrs. A.M. Vermeer

The threshold for going to the dentist was very high for me and a lot had to be done. I hadn’t been to the dentist in so long. And I’ve always said I want to do it, but under general anesthesia. That is how I came to you. Distance in such cases is not an obstacle at all with a choice like this, although you have to go to Frankfurt to prove it.

And also because you specialize in anxiety and dentist Milly really listens to me and does what I want and not just what she wants. I like that very much. I also think it is the intent for a dentist in this situation. That’s not to say you shouldn’t practice your profession, but I like that the dentist really listens to me and does what I want at the time.

I had an excellent experience with the anesthesia. You only notice it for a very short time. The service was quite clinical, of course you sit in the normal waiting room and of course some people walk there and that is not really comfortable.

I had read several stories about the first period with dentures, that it would be a disaster for example. That still worked for me. That is of course different for everyone. The moment my entire upper jaw was pulled, a huge amount of residual material came out afterwards. That was a less pleasant experience. At first I wondered if they had really taken everything out, haha.

I am much more positive about the dentist now. And that’s because of Milly. I would recommend you 100%. I would go with them too. Look it’s really split second huh, at a moment you decide to go or not to go to make that decision. It is of course also a financial picture that people cannot meet and that is also a threshold. That just comes into play. But I just decided and persevered.

Grade: I give DentalZorg a 9.


I was at my own dentist, but my implant fell out and had come loose root and all. I am a fear of the dentist anyway. I had beautiful teeth myself. But my other teeth started to crooked and the rest started to come loose as well. My jaws also began to shrink. If they did, it would go in stages, first up and then down.

Then I started looking on the internet and then I ended up at DentalZorg. I come from Purmerend myself and there was no waiting list with you. Everything was pulled under anesthesia and then I got emergency dentures. After which we switched to click teeth. I was treated very well, but the fear is still there. I am treated very well and I have developed a good relationship with the staff at your place. I am very satisfied. Everyone who is there is always very friendly, including the girls at the counter. The communication is very pleasant.

Grade: 9

Mrs. W.I. Floor Florisson

I had very bad teeth. My entire teeth had to be pulled and I don’t have to experience that. As a child I never experienced a visit to the dentist as pleasant. And since a regular treatment was not an option, I opted for anesthesia.

I have experienced the anesthesia treatment as very positive. I actually didn’t notice anything. I was completely gone. The guidance from the anesthesia and from the anesthesia coordinator was very pleasant.

The people around me think the result is very nice and I am satisfied with it myself. I have also already recommended someone who is very afraid to go to DentalZorg. She now also has dentures and is doing very well.

Grade: 9

R. Brothers

I was afraid to go to the dentist because of my fear of the dentist. I had bad teeth that needed to be treated. That is why I ended up at DentalZorg through an acquaintance who was also treated with anesthesia at your home.

The anesthesia treatment went very well. It all happened very quickly. I have very nice men around me and in the anesthesia room also a very nice woman. Mr Reiner is also a treasure. He has worked on the dentures and has really helped and cooperated. He did his very best with that. Especially because we come to Texel. And the ladies at the counter are real treasures. My daughter also visits the dentist and the ortho with you and everything is going well.

The reactions from my environment about my dentures are positive. Everyone thinks it looks neat. I wanted it to be as natural as possible and it has become. I used to have a small overbite and now I want that too. So it’s kind of my own mouth, like it used to be. I have already referred several people to Dentalzorg.

Grade: 9


I will be very honest. I have a terrifying fear of needles. And especially those things that go in your mouth that you can’t see. And I’m always very tense in the dentist’s chair that I sometimes fell off my stick, not because of the treatment, but purely for the needles.

Before this I already went to another dental center and they did their utmost, but in the end it was all about the teeth that are at the front. My father has been a patient at DentalZorg for some time and has click teeth. He recommended you to me and said I could be treated. So I have been with you.

The anesthesia treatment went very well. Great, how the staff dealt with it and the way of the anesthesia treatment. Really amazing! At one point I was gone and then I woke up and all was well. I’m glad I made the decision.

I now look at the dentist differently. The tension is completely gone. The treatment I was so afraid of is over. And if I make a decision in the future for click dentures, I will also do that under general anaesthetic. Previously, it was really fearful of the dentist, which kept postponing appointments purely because of the needles. And even if I’m very critical, I can’t think of any negatives either.

If I have to give a grade, I give the highest I can give, a 10!


Grade: 10

R. Kallenbach

The reason I took the step to treat under anesthesia was because I was terribly ashamed of my teeth. I went to your dentist for a check-up and then the dentist said my teeth are loosening. Then I had a quote made and I put everything into operation and received information from the dentist about the anesthesia treatments. I would rather not experience the treatment, I am really afraid of that.

I have experienced the anesthesia treatment as top notch. I’m really happy with it. I would recommend it to anyone. I am very satisfied with DentalZorg Zaandam and how they have helped me and I say that very honestly. After the anesthesia I was gone in no time. I didn’t notice it at all, nothing at all. After that, no more pain.

I now look at the dentist differently, in a positive sense. Very positive actually. It is highly recommended. I have recommended to many people to go to DentalZorg. I really refer a lot of people to you. I get nothing but compliments that it looks really good.

Grade: a 10!

Mr. R. Willemsen

I am quite afraid of the dentist, because I have had an unpleasant experience in the past. I’ve had an anesthetic shot in the past, which didn’t work well and went all the way to my throat, leaving me with a really bad feeling in my throat. Now my teeth were getting worse, because treatment via the regular method was no longer possible. The dentist of DentalZorg advised me to have the treatment performed under anesthesia.

I have experienced the anesthesia treatment as pleasant. I didn’t notice anything. It was over before I knew it and what I also really liked is that my partner could be there until I slept. The therapists and assistants were very friendly and put me at ease. I’m just going to the dentist now. I only have check-up appointments now, so it’s going very well.

I now also look at the dentist with a calmer feeling and I also go there with a better feeling. But I don’t know if anything else happens, if I would go for anesthetic. In any case, I am very happy that there is a possibility to be treated under anesthesia.

To other people who are anxious, I would say to just do it. I am on a 10 for the entire anesthesia treatment, also because of the pleasant experiences of the practitioners around me, both before and after the treatment.

Grade: 10

Mrs. A.D.B. van den Ancker

I had heard more about the anesthesia treatments. I had seen it on TV and heard about it from other people and I thought it was really time to do something about my dental problems. I have experienced the anesthesia treatment as excellent. Everything went well and I haven’t had any more problems. Everything was explained very clearly.

After the treatment everything is just fine. I can eat and drink well. I did get responses from some friends. They also have click teeth and that happened to you and they are also very satisfied. I will certainly advise other people to do the anesthesia treatment at DentalZorg.

If I have to give a grade, I will give a 10, I think I was treated so well.


Mr Colle

“I went to another dentist at first, but he was a bit too heavy-handed. I’m terrified of needles etc. And the way of anesthetic just scared me. He didn’t really take my fear into account. Hei said still like ‘don’t be like that.’ Then after a very long time and neglected teeth I went looking for another dentist because something just had to be done with my teeth.

Now after the anesthesia treatment at DentalZorg, things are going really well. I woke up after the treatment and didn’t notice anything really. I didn’t get anything. No fear at all. Very nice man also in the treatment. So far I have had no problems, no pain. I am still afraid of the dentist, but most of it has been removed. I’m a little more daring now to go to the dentist. With my emergency teeth I dare to laugh again, haha.

I would recommend it to other people, because it takes a lot of fear away. I used to think if I go under anesthesia, I won’t wake up. But that fear is now also gone, completely gone. Thank you very much for helping the people who are afraid of the dentist.

Grade: a big 8. For me, just perfect.”

Mrs. Klarenbeek

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“Well, the reason I contacted you was that my teeth were getting worse. I got more and more infections and on top of that I am very afraid of the dentist. But at a certain point you eat a chocolate and give it a lot of pain. Then I started looking on the internet for a dentist who can pull under anesthesia and soon I found you.

I had a perfect experience of the anesthesia treatment. Well informed for the time. There were also things I wasn’t aware of and that’s all well explained too. And also well thought along with me. Underlying molars were found and I was made aware of this. You don’t feel it. And I’ve never had any bleeding, so I wasn’t afraid of it.

My dentures are now fine. I don’t regret it for a minute. I get nothing but great responses. I have to say; it also looks very nice, very natural. I’m very happy with it. I look the same at the dentist as before, but of course less fear, because you know there is nothing left. I do have to go back sometime to have it filled or a pressure point, but I just do that.

I have also referred other people in my environment to you. So I’ve been through that several times. Even ladies who were very scared. One of them is really very skinny and has really bad teeth. So I said go there now. But she got sick because she couldn’t eat properly. But there are indeed people I speak to and I really refer them to you, really.”

Grafe: more than a 9. really.

Mrs. muse

“I am so glad I took the step. Very good friends of mine have been treated under anesthesia at DentalZorg before and I ended up with them through word of mouth. The reason for the anesthesia treatment was because my teeth were so bad that I thought it necessary to have it treated by good dental specialists.The reason for postponing a visit to the dentist is simple: fear, fear, fear.

I also know people who need such treatment and I have also advised them to go to you. And the experience I have made with you is 100%, nothing to complain about at all. You can’t be more nicer. All in all, it was just fantastic. If I had to rate it I would definitely think it would be a 9. I now have emergency dentures and everyone thinks they are real teeth. So positive.

When I go to the dentist now, I feel really comfortable. The people are at ease. They are not tense. Just relax and feel free to walk the street again. I essentially should have done it much sooner.

Simply contact Dentalzorg in Zaandam. The anesthesia is very good. You get an anesthetic and you don’t feel anything at all. And then you get your teeth afterwards. It’s piece of cake. They are nice, spontaneous. Not nervous at all.”


Mr. R.C. Beijerbacht

“The reason I contacted DentalZorg is my fear of the dentist. When I go to my own dentist, I get anxiety attacks very quickly. It was really panic in the tent so I went looking for a dentist who would put me under anesthesia could treat.

My experience under anesthesia has been very good. Once it has happened, you are immediately rid of it, because you really don’t notice anything with anesthesia. They explained everything to me well. I was given an anesthetic, a cap on my nose and I was gone.

I can now eat normally again and drink cold drinks in the evening without my teeth hurting. A total of four teeth have been drawn and they have seven teeth filled at the top. I still look at the dentist the same, only the idea of DentalZorg and anesthesia is just nice.”

Grade: 9

Mr. van Heijningen

“I hadn’t been to the dentist for a long time. That was due to the fear. I was especially extremely afraid of injections. And that was the reason that I was eventually treated under anesthesia. I soon came to DentalZorg. And it was actually fine, without problems and the anesthesia treatment was 100% not too bad for me.

I had been in the hospital before for anesthesia. But what was really nice for me was that I didn’t suffer from napa pain. I hadn’t really been bothered by anything. I also had little trouble with the emergency prosthesis. I also received good tips from dental technician Rainer and my environment is very positive about my new teeth.

I would say to others: go to DentalZorg in Zaandam. My anesthesia experience has been really perfect. Go and have a look there, because if you can go under anesthesia, then that is very good for anxious people. They are friendly, knowledgeable and you are very well informed.”

Grade: a big 8.5


“Because of the corona, I could not go under anesthesia in the hospital. My upper and lower teeth had to be pulled in 1x. I could only be helped with a sulfite-free anesthetic because of an allergic reaction. I experienced the anesthesia treatment as perfect. The attention that I received, also during the treatments and also for my allergies, they took that into account, they were really super sweet.

I have only received positive reactions about my new teeth. It was really important because of my diabetics and allergies that my teeth had to be removed.

To others I would say: Zaandam, DentalZorg. Absolute. I also said that to my own dentist, if you ever need to refer someone, then DentalZorg. Really great!”

Grade: 9.8

Mrs. seepage dam

“I’ve even reached a milestone of being treated without an anesthetic.

I deliberately chose anesthesia. I hadn’t been to the dentist in 5 years, if not longer ago, but I knew a lot had to be done. At my previous dentist I was treated under nitrous oxide. But at one point, so much had to be done, including periodontitis treatment, which made the costs too high. It didn’t bother me at the time either. And those costs. I thought, if it bothers me, then I’ll come. That prevented me from being treated further.

In the end I had to make the choice to put my teeth first. I saw the DentalZorg Advertisement and I went to look for them. They were pretty close. I immediately made an appointment and during the check it turned out that I had to be treated for, among other things, a root canal treatment.

I have had a very positive experience with my treatment at DentalZorg. The people were very knowledgeable. Of course you come in stiff from the stress on the first appointment. But she really put me at ease. X-rays were immediately taken and it soon became apparent that I needed two root canal treatments. I also had no feeling in a number of teeth and a molar was crumbling further and further. So something really had to be done about it.

A big step forward for me is that I can now have a treatment without anaesthetic. I still find it exciting, but fortunately this tension has already decreased much. I would definitely recommend DentalZorg if you have to go under anesthesia and it is financially feasible.”

Grade: big 9+

Mr. Dekker

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