You want or are considering getting dentures and your dentist recommends dentures. This is of course not an easy decision. Switching from your own teeth to dentures is a very big step. Your teeth play an important role not only for chewing and speaking, but also for your appearance and appearance.

A suitable solution for every situation
Every teeth is different. That’s why every denture requires a different approach and the reasons why you need dentures are very diverse. Have you come at the time to do something about it now? Dental care has the solution for every reason.

You can come to us in both Amsterdam North and Zaandam for the treatment of your own teeth and opt for complete dentures. We have all specialists under one roof where you are central throughout the entire process. From the moment you come to the dentist for a consultation to the moment you can walk out smiling again with new full dentures.

What does a denture treatment look like at DentalZorg?

During the first appointment with the dentist, a comprehensive treatment plan is drawn up. This appointment takes approximately 30 minutes. In the treatment plan, we examine your wishes and needs and discuss the options with you. We also try to discuss the costs with you as transparently as possible and you will receive a budget after this consultation.

If the dentist decides together with you to extract all teeth, the dentist will initiate the treatment plan. After the treatment plan has been accepted, the dentist will refer you to the KPT (clinical prosthesis technician). Below you will find an overview of all treatments/visits. Each treatment will take approximately 30 minutes.

The treatment in 4 steps

First visit

You go to the KPT employee. The KPT will carry out the treatment based on the treatment plan. The first visit to the KPT will consist of taking dental impressions. These dental impressions are sent to our laboratory. Our laboratory will make dental models from this. We will make an individual impression tray on these dental models.

Second visit

The second visit to the KPT consists of retaking dental impressions using individual impression trays. These are precision prints. Depending on your situation, it will be determined in more detail whether the wishes regarding the stand, size and desired color will be determined during this visit. If this is not the case, this will be done during the third visit.

Third visit

The third visit to the KPT consists of a bite determination phase. In this phase the correct position of the jaws is determined by the KPT. These dimensions go to our laboratory. There the dental technicians will use these dimensions to imitate the temporomandibular joints (articulator). In our laboratory we will remove the teeth that have to be extracted on the plaster model. With this information we will make a denture in wax by means of the size, desired color and position.

Fourth visit

The dentures may need to be tried on in wax. If there are too many teeth, this step will be skipped. This can be determined individually, depending on the situation. If the denture has been approved in wax, it is converted into a permanent denture.

The time of the treatment

The extraction treatment takes place

We are now ready to extract (pulling) the teeth. Depending on the complexity, it is determined who will perform the extractions. This can be the dentist or the dental implantologist. The duration of the extraction treatment varies between 30 and 60 minutes.

Pulling teeth and dentures in 1 day

After the extraction of the teeth, you can wear your new and first dentures in 1 day. So you never have to leave our practice without teeth. The fact that the extraction of the teeth and the wearing of your new dentures takes place in 1 day has several purposes. Wearing your dentures also ensures that the jaw will swell less and your dentures also function as a protection for the wounds.

Follow-up and Aftercare

In most cases you will first receive an immediate prosthesis. This is a temporary prosthesis. In the beginning, the immediate denture will not fit well and it may feel cramping and painful and you will still feel pain after the extraction treatment. That is why you will visit the dentist after 24 hours for a (wound) check-up. Afterwards you go directly to the KPT for a check of your dentures. Your immediate prosthesis will also be rebased and you will receive tips for wearing the prosthesis, for example when eating and talking.

Follow-up process

After the wounds have healed, the jaw will begin to shrink. After three months we usually place a light filling at the KPT’er. Six months after placement, we will decide whether another filling will take place. You will return to the dentist after four months. This will determine to what extent the jaw has shrunk and it will be determined in more detail whether new permanent dentures will be made for you.

You can be assured that we have the entire process in our own hands during the entire process from your own teeth to dentures. Our own specialists manufacture your dentures in our own laboratory and we therefore do not deliver imported dentures from abroad. Finally, we offer good aftercare every day. We have mapped out a whole process for this. We are one of the few that can realize this in a fast pace of 5 working days.

We are open daily all year round and we have at least 2 to 3 KPT staff in house for good aftercare for our patients. This also applies to emergency repairs that have to be carried out in 1 day. Our aim is always to repair or rebasing your dentures the same day so that you can wear your dentures comfortably again.

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Important Questions and Answers about the Treatment

What are the costs of the treatment?

P022 - Full dentures upper and lower jaw (avg. cost incl. tech. cost)€ 1.210,51
P020 - Full Denture Upper Jaw€ 185,17
From the first consultation up to and including placement, including:
- bite determination without specific equipment;
- per jaw where no more than 8 elements are replaced immediately;
-aftercare for four months after placement.
P040 - individual print with edge build-up€ 66,66

We would like to point out that the above amounts are indicative and that we assume the most common extractions. When you receive a budget from us, it is therefore possible that the amounts may differ. You can not claim any rights to this.

Can I also be treated under anesthesia?

At DentalZorg we also like to help our anxious patients to have radiant teeth. In the event of extreme fear, we offer the option of being treated under anesthesia. This way you will not feel anything from the treatment. Thanks to our extensive team of specialists, we offer you the option of having your teeth extracted completely under anaesthetic. With a general anesthetic you will not feel or notice anything of the dental treatment.

Would you like to know more about our anesthesia treatments? Read more here.

I have my own dentist. Can I still visit you for the treatment of my own teeth and choose dentures?

Even if you have your own dentist, you can always contact us. No referral is required for this.

Can I only get dentures for the upper jaw or lower jaw?

Yes, that’s possible. This then falls under partial dentures. This is the solution when not all, but a number of teeth have to be extracted. Our specialists are happy to discuss with you what is the best solution for you and what best suits your needs.

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