Dental Anxiety is more common than you may think and this is certainly not something to be ashamed of. Due to dental fear, it may happen that you have avoided the dentist for years. As a result, periodic check-ups are ignored resulting in dental problems.

Requiring general dental anesthesia is often the only possibility for people with dental anxiety to get rid of the pain or to complete the dental treatment in the best way possible. Another benefit of dental anesthesia is that it can be used for longer procedures. During the treatment under general anesthesia you won’t be able to feel or notice anything.

DentalZorg wants to make dental procedures under general anesthesia more accessible for extreme anxious people, so that they also can walk around with beautiful and healthy teeth. That’s why we currently offer our anesthetic procedures for € 149,- per half an hour.

We offer dental anesthesia treatments for:

  • Extraction of one or more teeth
  • Complete extractions in combination with a total or partial denture (read more about our offer).
  • Implants (with click denture)
  • Crowns or bridges in combination with one or more implants.
  • Fillings
  • Root canal treatment
  • Regular treatments

Dental Anesthesia Dentist Zaandam, Rustenburg

Dental anesthetic treatments are executed in our dentistry centre in Zaandam. Specially for these kind of treatments we arranged two modern and professional treatment rooms. The dental treatments are executed under special guidance of a professional dental anesthesia team.

Tackling the root causes of fear

Fortunately, most clients who are introduced to DentalZorg undergo treatment without dental anesthesia. We completely understand that its becoming harder to visit the dentist when you haven’t been to the dentist for a very long time. Or when you have extreme fear of the dentist.

Our practitioners are happy to help you overcome your fear. They will do everything to make you at ease during the treatment. Because a dental anesthesia treatment does not (completely) removes the fear.

We believe that fear of the dentist should be tackled at its roots. This way you can undergo treatments in the future with a more confident and comfortable feeling. And going to the dentist will become easier. Due to this, complaints can be noticed or even prevented more quickly. And prevention is always better than cure.

An anesthetic treatment in 4 steps

Step 1 – Consultation

You have made the first step. Which is, you chose your dental health over your fear for the dentist. We invite you for a first consultation at one of our clinics in Amsterdam or Zaandam. This consult will take approximately 30 minutes. During this consult we will go through some important points together after which we will compose a dental treatment plan. We will also ask you to fill in a medical questionnaire (anamnesis form). If it appears that a dental anesthesia treatment is necessary and possible, we will schedule a second appointment with you.

Step 2 – Intake interview

When you agree with the dental treatment schedule and the treatment costs, we will invite you for an intake interview. During this interview we go through the specific treatment, costs and instructions. Then, together with you we will fill in the medical screenings list and the informed consent. If the anesthetist/dentist recommends medication, you will receive a prescription for this.

Step 3 – The treatment

The dental anesthesia treatment will take place in one of our clinics in Zaandam. We expect that you are present at least 15 minutes prior to the treatment. The anesthetist and his team will receive you. They will take care that the dental anesthesia treatment can be executed safely. For this, we have all the necessary modern dental anesthesia equipment, instruments and facilities. The anesthetist will go through the medical questionnaire with you again, explain to you about the anesthetic process and will answer your questions. After a final check inside the treatment room by the whole team, you will be anesthetized in peace for the treatment, if there are no objections. Then our specialists will start the treatment.

Step 4 – The aftercare

After the treatment you will be transferred to a specially equipped room. If all checks are positive and the anesthetist and the dentist consider it justified, you can go home with a supervisor. In case of approval, you always leave the dental practice under the supervision of your partner, friend or companion. You are therefore not allowed to drive yourself. We will phone you the next day to check how you are doing.

Do you need more information or do you want to make an appointment with one of our dental specialists?

Then please contact us.


No dental referral needed

You don’t need a dental referral of your own dentist. Requesting a consultation at one of our dentistries is done in no time! In addition, at DentalZorg you have the advantage that you can have almost all treatments carried out by our anesthetist within our practice. Due to this, you don’t need any dental referral which also saves you time in the duration of your treatment.

Clear and transparent terms & conditions

DentalZorg would like to offer you a complete package of medical dental care and services. Because of this we can offer all dental treatments with anesthesia, from extractions to complete dental teeth restorations. With us you are ensured of professional (anesthesia) guidance, advanced technology and very experienced dentists.

Frequently asked questions

What are the costs for a consultation?

The costs for setting up the dental treatment plan are approximately € 180,-. This tariff consists of:

  • Code c28 – composing a treatment schedule – € 104,29
  • Code x21 – making and assessing jaw-overview photo (x-ray photo)* – € 74,07

*Photos will be taken if necessary. This is determined by the dentist.

The dental rates 2022 have been determined by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa). The descriptions and performance codes for 2022 have changed slightly compared to 2021. Health insurers refer to the document with the dental rates as the policy rule for dental care of the Dutch Healthcare Authority.

What are the costs of a anesthesia treatment?

DentalZorg temporarily offers anesthesia rates of € 149,- per half hour. We always charge half an hour in total for initiating the anesthesia and the waking-up process. This does not include the costs for the dental treatment. Below you will find a calculation example:

  • Treatment of fillings € 300,-
  • Initiation of the anesthesia 15 minutes € 62,25
  • Treatment time 1 hour € 298,-
  • Waking up + aftercare € 62,25
    Total costs € 723,50

Only at DentalZorg: Total dental anesthesia rate € 149,- in combination with a complete denture

Keep in mind that the current rates are temporary. Therefore, contact us right now to schedule an appointment. We don’t have waiting-lists at the moment.

The rate for a dental anesthesia treatment in combination with a treatment of own teeth to a complete denture is only € 149.- for the complete anesthesia treatment, regardless the duration. Keep in mind that the current rates are temporary. Therefore, contact us right now to schedule an appointment. We don’t have waiting-lists at the moment.

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Why choose DentalZorg?

  • You are, as a patient, the point of focus during the whole process. We provide the full attention you deserve. We start this approach immediately from our first contact.
  • We have our own dental laboratory which means our designs and manufacturing are done in-house by our specialists.
  • We have our own dental implantologist and prosthetic technicians which means you do not need a dental referral. Because of this we can provide fast treatment without long waiting periods.
  • Contracts with almost all health insurers. Clarity about costs and reimbursements.
  • Clear and transparent terms and conditions.

Honest and clear consultations

Because every denture is different, each treatment requires an individual treatment schedule. We think it is important that your wishes seamlessly match the dental possibilities and results. We believe that there is a suitable solution for every situation. Still, it is very important that you know what you are up against, what the costs are and which costs can be reimbursed.

During our first appointment we discuss your personal situation, find out what your needs are and look at the possibilities. Immediately after this consult you will receive a detailed plan with an overview of the costs. DentalZorg offers you honest and clear consultancy based on your needs.

What our patients say about us

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