The NarcoseDentist at DentalZorg makes dentistry accessible

Fear of the dentist is more common than you may think and it is certainly not uncommon. Because of the fear of the dentist, you may have avoided the dentist for years. As a result, periodic check-ups are skipped, resulting in dental problems. Anesthesia can make a visit to the dentist easier.

In people with extremely high anxiety, dental treatment under general anesthesia is often the only way to get rid of the pain, or to make the treatment as good as possible. Another advantage of anesthesia treatment is that long treatments can be performed in one go. During a treatment at the dentist under anesthesia you will not notice or feel anything.

DentalZorg would like to offer you a complete package of medical care and services. For this reason, we can perform almost all dental treatments under anesthesia, from extractions to complex dental renovations. With us you are assured of professional (anaesthetic) guidance, modern equipment and very experienced specialists.

  • Dental treatment under full anaesthetic
  • Lowest rate in the Netherlands
  • No waiting time
  • Occasional anesthesia treatment possible


We help you to overcome your fear

Fortunately, most patients who are introduced to DentalZorg can undergo the treatment without anesthesia. We understand very well that the threshold becomes higher and higher if you have not been to the dentist for a long time. Or if you have an extremely great fear of the dentist.

Our anesthesia dentist(s) are happy to help you overcome your fear. They will do everything they can to make you feel comfortable during the treatment. An anesthetic treatment does not ensure that the fear disappears (it will disappear completely).


Our Anesthetic Rate

We currently offer an anesthetic rate of €149 per half hour. DentalZorg wants to use this rate to make anesthesia treatment accessible to extremely anxious patients when there is really no other option. This way, these patients can also walk around with beautiful and healthy teeth.

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We offer anesthetic treatments for:

  • with a (very) large treatment delay in combination with fear of dentistry and where regular treatment is not an option
  • From your own teeth to full or partial dentures
  • Dental renovation under anesthesia
  • Pulling teeth under anesthesia
  • Implants (with click dentures) under anesthesia
  • Crown or bridge in combination with one or more implants
  • fillings
  • Root canal treatment
  • Regular treatments


No referral for anesthesia needed

You do not need a referral from your own dentist. Requesting a consultation for the anesthesia dentist at one of our practices is easily arranged. In addition, at DentalZorg you have the advantage that you can have almost all treatments performed under general anesthesia in our practice. As a result, you no longer need a referral at all and that also saves you the duration of your treatment.

Would you like to go to the dentist again in the future with peace of mind?

We believe that the fear of the dentist should be tackled at its core. For example, we are fully committed to ensuring that you can go to the dentist again in the future with a sense of familiarity and peace of mind and that the threshold becomes lower and lower. Complaints can thus be detected faster or, on the contrary, prevented. After all, prevention is always better than cure.

Role of the anesthetist

The role of the anesthetist is very important during the anesthesia process. The anesthetist and his/her team are responsible for safety and the process during anesthesia treatment and they keep a constant eye on the patient. The anesthetist is also responsible for assessing whether the anesthesia treatment can be performed safely. This is done on the basis of a preoperative screening.

Anesthesiologist A. Balashova

In 2007, Mrs. Balashova completed her training in General Medicine at the University of Amsterdam. In 2014 she graduated as an anesthesiologist at UMC Utrecht. She then continued to specialize as an intensivist and has worked for various medical organizations. Together with her team consisting of expert and professional practitioners, she monitors the anesthetic process from start to finish.

What our patients say

Read more about the experiences of other people from all over the country who have been treated under anesthesia at DentalZorg.

Our patients give us an average of 9 and we are very proud of that!

Bekijk ons team

Anesthetic Dentist in Zaandam

We carry out dental treatment under anesthesia in our dental practice in Zaandam. We have prepared two modern and professional treatment rooms for this, and the dental treatments are carried out under the supervision of a professional anesthesia team.

Our dental practice in Zaandam is centrally located and therefore easily accessible for people outside Zaandam. Many of our patients come from all over the country and often even travel more than 100 km to have us treated under anesthesia. We often receive feedback that the distance is not an obstacle at all if you can be treated at a great practice such as DentalZorg.

Would you like a consultation in Amsterdam?

You are of course welcome in Amsterdam for an anesthetic consultation. Based on this consultation, we can determine what your needs are and whether treatment under anesthesia at the dentist is possible. For the anesthesia treatment itself, we will refer you to our dental practice in Zaandam.

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The Anesthesia treatment in 4 steps

You have already taken the first step and that is to put your oral health above the fear of the dentist. We would like to invite you for an initial consultation at one of our practices in Amsterdam or Zaandam. This consultation takes approximately 30 minutes. During this meeting we will go through everything with you and together we will draw up a treatment plan. The costs for drawing up a treatment plan are € 111.10 (code C011/012).

You will also receive a medical questionnaire (anamnesis form) from us. If it appears that an anesthetic treatment is necessary and possible, we will schedule a second appointment with you.

After the consultation with the dentist, you will receive an intake interview. During this meeting we will discuss the specific treatment, costs of the dental treatment and instructions with you. We therefore complete the medical screening list and the informed consent together with you. If the anesthetist / anesthetist dentist gives the advice for medication, you will receive a prescription for this.

The anesthesia treatment takes place in our dental practice in Zaandam. We expect you to be present at least 15 minutes before the treatment. The anesthetist and his team will receive you and ensure that the treatment can take place safely under anaesthesia.

In practice, we have modern and all required anesthesia equipment, instruments and facilities for this. The anesthetist will review the medical questionnaire with you again, explain the anesthesiological process and answer your questions. After a final check-up in the treatment room by the entire team and if there are no objections, you will be put under anesthesia for the dental treatment in peace. You will be under the supervision of our experienced anaesthetist until the end of the treatment and afterwards. The anesthetist will go through the entire anesthesia process with you

After the treatment you will be transferred to a specially equipped room. If all check-ups are good and the anesthetist and dentist consider it justified, you can go home with a companion. With an approval, you always leave the dental practice accompanied by your partner, friend or companion. You are therefore not allowed to drive yourself. We will call you the next day to check how you are doing.

Bekijk het overzicht van de meest gestelde vragen over narcose

We begrijpen dat de stap naar een narcosebehandeling een grote stap kan zijn en dat u daarom nog vragen heeft. Dit kunnen vragen zijn over het narcosetraject, de kosten, de behandeling en de nazorg. Wij hebben een overzicht gemaakt met de meest voorkomende vragen en antwoorden.

Questions about anesthesia? We like to help you

Now at DentalZorg: The total anesthetic costs for € 299,- in combination with a treatment of your own teeth and molars to full dentures.

DentalZorg pays for this anesthetic treatment a large part of the costs for the anesthesia itself to make dental care more accessible. The costs of dental treatment are separate from the costs of anesthesia. Please note that the current anesthetic rate of € 299 is temporary. So please contact us now to make an appointment. We currently have no waiting lists.

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