Dentist D. Parvanova

Name: Mrs. D. Parvanova, MSC
Master of science 79919110902

Function: Dentist

Diana is known as an enthusiastic and sweet dentist. With over ten years of experience, she knows how to provide every type of patient with the extra attention he or she needs. In 2012 she obtained her degree in dentistry in Bulgaria from Medical University Sofia.

She specializes in endodontology, cosmetic dentistry and periodontology. She worked as a dentist in Bulgaria between 2012 and 2014. Diana has been working at DentalZorg since 2015. Besides Dutch and English she also speaks Bulgarian.

What her patients are saying:


What a wonderful sweet dentist she made me laugh during the treatment I told what I had experienced privately and she gave me advice and compliments dear of a woman.

Douwe Jobse


“I have some anxiety related to my dentist experience as a child, so when I found out that I have a first cavity in 10 years, I looked for a place that caters to anxious patients. I sent an email to DentalZorg explaining my situation, they contacted me back within 48 hours, and three weeks later I have the cavity treated (under full anaesthesia) and a cleaning done. They’ve also done a full set of x-rays. I found them to be communicative (in English), non-judgmental and, I especially enjoyed Dr. Diana Parvanova, who is patient and kind. She was diligent in checking all my teeth after the x-rays, and did not rush. I recommend this place for anyone who has dental fears and is looking to have options for treatment.”

W. Budak


“I was treated by dentist Diana Parvanova. I deem myself very lucky to be treated by her, because before I realized she had the job (removing root residues) done. I also find her very friendly and I felt very comfortable with her.”



“I am very happy with Diana. My previous dentist wanted to build a bridge next to a molar which has broken off now. Diana managed to repair this molar and a bridge wasn’t even needed. The molar for which my previous dentist wanted to make a bridge for, was of course also fixed by Diana with het notice that it is vulnerable. I am very happy with it and I didn’t even feel any pain afterwards.”


“I have been treated several times by Diana after not seeing the dentist for a long time. I am very satisfied. She is an expert, clear, explains a lot about the treatment and makes sure I dont feel any pain. She puts you at ease and is very friendly. Thumbs up for Diana! “

S. Breukels

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