The financial aspects and cost of dentures can be very complicated and confusing. There are many aspects to consider when getting dentures. These aspects consist of the condition of your teeth, your wishes and needs. These factors further determine which dentures are best for you. In most cases this will be full or partial dentures, but you should always consult the dentist first to determine this. A consultation includes an extensive examination of your teeth and a discussion about these important aspects.

On this page you will find information about the basic costs, reimbursements and the ultimate personal contribution for dentures in 2022. We start with an overview of the consultation costs. Then you will find an indication overview of the treatment costs and the costs for the manufacture of complete dentures.

How are the total costs calculated?
The total costs of the treatment for dentures differ greatly per treatment. They depend, among other things, on the number of teeth to be extracted and the prosthesis to be placed or the adjustments to it. The dental rates that DentalZorg charges for treatments for dentures are in line with the market. These rates are determined annually by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa).

Costs dentures 2022

Below you will find an overview of the global costs that are calculated for a consultation and for the manufacture of dentures. We would like to point out that all overviews are indications of the final amount to be paid for a treatment for dentures. Every situation differs from each other and costs may therefore differ. You can therefore not derive any rights from this.

Overview consultation dentures

C001 - Consultation for an intake (only for the first consultation after registration)€ 46,91
C002 - Consultation for a periodic check€ 23,45
C010 - Additional medical history after (written) routine questions€ 23,45
C011/012 - If necessary, extensive examination for a second opinion / the integrated treatment plan€ 111,10
H11 - Pulling tooth or molar€ 46,29

Overview full dentures

P022 - Full dentures upper and lower jaw (avg. cost incl. tech. cost)€ 1.210,51
P020 - Full Denture Upper Jaw€ 185,17
From the first consultation up to and including placement, including:
- bite determination without specific equipment;
- per jaw where no more than 8 elements are replaced immediately;
-aftercare for four months after placement.
P040 - individual print with edge build-up€ 66,66

Reimbursement of dentures from your health insurance

Complete dentures are reimbursed from the basic insurance and in most cases a personal contribution of 25% applies. In this situation, we assume that you no longer have your own teeth and that it concerns a standard denture. The situations may differ from person to person.

The other costs fall under the personal contribution (not to be confused with your deductible) which you must pay yourself. In addition, the basic insurance almost never reimburses the costs of partial dentures (partial dentures).

Reimbursement of dentures under the additional dental insurance
When your dentist determines that teeth must be extracted, these costs are calculated per tooth or molar. Your basic insurance does not cover these costs. These costs can be reimbursed if you have additional dental insurance.

Otherwise you pay these costs yourself. The personal contribution for your dentures can also be partially or fully covered by additional dental insurance. Please note that the reimbursement varies per health insurer. Many health insurers also have a maximum amount that will be reimbursed.

Calculation example personal contribution

To give you an impression of how much an average denture costs, we have prepared a calculation example with an indication of your own contribution. In this calculation example we have not included the costs for possible extractions and the reimbursements from your additional dental insurance.

Costs and FeesAmount
Costs for the denture treatment (average)€ 1.291,-
Reimbursement from basic insurance€ 968,25
Contribution€ 322,75

The average cost of your dentures in 2022 is € 1,291. Your basic insurance reimburses 75% of the costs for your complete denture, or €968.25. The remaining 25% of € 322.75 falls under the statutory personal contribution. You will ultimately pay this amount yourself.

Deductible in 2022

Do not forget your deductible when calculating. In 2022, this amount has been set by the government at € 385. You may have to add this amount to the personal contribution if you have not yet used the deductible.

Summary denture costs

  • Indication full dentures € 1,291.-
  • Deductible of € 385 in 2022
  • Mandatory personal contribution of 25% from the basic insurance
  • After 5 years you may be eligible for a new prosthesis
  • With complete dentures, it is financially sensible to have the top and bottom
  • manufactured in one treatment.

How often can you apply for new dentures?

The costs for dentures are reimbursed by your health insurer on average once every five years. Do you have full dentures in the upper jaw, the lower jaw or both, is your denture older than 5 years and in need of replacement? Then you may be eligible for replacement dentures. We can then immediately start your treatment.

How do I know what my health insurer reimburses?

When you receive the budget, we advise you to ask your own health insurer what it reimburses from the basic and possibly from the supplementary dental insurance. We have no insight into the policies and additional conditions of the health insurers.

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