Our team consists of BIG registered dentists, dental assistants, prevention assistants, dental hygienists, orthodontics, dental prosthetics, dental laboratory, orthodontics, receptionists and practice managers. Some employees work in more than one dental practice. We are also a recognized training company for dental assistants in training. We are available from Monday to Saturday to provide you with the best care and professional service possible.

Meet our dental specialists

We would like to introduce you to our team of enthusiastic specialists. Would you like to learn more about them? Click on their profile and read more about their work, expertise and the experiences of patients. Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Have a look at the overview of our practitioners

Dentists / Implantologists

Dentist-Implantologist S. Abdoel

BIG: 39916229002

Tandarts N. Parolin

BIG: 99922021002

Tandarts mw A Alfayad 1

Big: 29922447802

Tandarts L Erten

BIG: 19923171402

Dentist N. Jahn

BIG: 39923218002

Tandarts S Poudel 800 535 min

Big: 49920227602

Ramzi Bewerkt clarity

BIG: 39918310402

Dentist D. Parvanova

BIG: 79919110902

tandarts h humphrey 800 min

BIG: 99053983102

Tandarts A Ayhan 800 min

Big: 49923218402

Zonder achtergrond

BIG: 89916000702

O. Tryfonos Parodontologist Implantologist

Parodontologist / Implantologist
BIG: 19920524102

Mei Ling Tjon Tsoe Jin

BIG: 39065955902

Tatjana Sukeviciene-Pecnikova

Big: 19912484702

tandarts i hammadi min

Big: 89925671102

bilge kaplan

BIG: 59928846402

Ebaa Shaikh 800x535 DentalZorg

BIG: 99925305502


BIG: 99930178202

Female Avatar

BIG: 59930722302


BIG: 39929291702


BIG: 99922494002

sanam a.n

BIG: 19930431902

yousef pro1

BIG: 89933759702

Dental Hygienists and prevention assistants

preventieassistente F. Nikrawesh

Prevention Assistant

Mondhygieniste A Nouere 800 535 min

Dental hygienist

Female Avatar

Dental hygienist

mondhygienist e kanigur 1

Dental hygienist

Mondhygiëniste F. Magied


Raghad Haidar





Paro- preventieassistente


Paro- en preventieassistente


Tandheelkundige Medewerker


Saza H scaled

Assistant for Orthodontics

portretfoto staneke

Senior assistant for Orthodontics

naima chakouri



Medewerker Orthodontie

Dental Technicians

R. Schmidt - Clinical dental technician

Clinical Dental Technician

O. Eser Dental technician
Mr. O. Eser

Dental technician

Rob van Bleisem
Mr. R. van Bleisem

Dental technician

A. Yigit Dental technician
Mr. A. Yigit

Dental Technician

Ibrahim DentalZorg

Klinisch Prothese Technicus

Dental specialists in Zaandam

Name Function BIG-registration nr.
mr. H.R. Haimé Dentist – implantologist 99053983102
mrs. M. Chen, MSc Dentist 39920480902
mr.. N. Jahn, MSc Dentist 39923218002
mr. N. Parolin Dentist 99922021002
mr. T. Muharemov Dentist 19922473002
mrs. T. Sukeviciene, MSc Dentist 19912484702
mrs. D. Parvanova, MSc Dentist 79919110902
mrs. A. Ayhan, MSc Dentist 49923218402
mr. A. Marchan Dentist 29923612902
mrs. drs. S. F. Abdoel Dentist – implantologist 39916229002
mrs. drs. N. Abril Dentist for orthodontics  59100607102
ms. O. Tryfonos, MSc Dentist – Parodontologist 19920524102
ms. H. YildizDental Dental Hygienist
ms. A. Nouere Dental Hygienist
ms. F. Magied Dental Hygienist
ms. H. Salbi Dental Hygienist
ms. D. Staneke Assistant orthodontics
ms. B. Tanriverdi Prevention assistant
ms. A. Yorulmaz Prevention assistant
mr. R. Schmidt Clinical dental technician
mr. H. Yilmaz Team manager

Dental specialists in Distelplein Amsterdam

Name Function BIG-registration nr.
mrs. drs. S. F. Abdoel Dentist – implantologist 39916229002
mrs. O. Tryfonos, MSc Dentist – Parodontologist 19920524102
mrs. G. Özcan, MSc Dentist 89916000702
mr. R. Al Romi, Msc Dentist 39918310402
mr. H.R. Haimé Dentist 99053983102
mrs. A. Al Alfayad Dentist 29922447802
mrs. L. Erten Dentist 19923171402
mr. I. Hammadi Dentist 89925671102
mrs. H. Yildiz Dental Hygienist
mr. E. Kanigur Dental Hygienist
ms. F. Nikrawesh Prevention Assistant
ms. S. Bhatia Paro- and prevention assistant
mr. A.J. Diaz Yepes Clinical dental technician
mr. I. Nafi Clinical dental technician
mr. F. Safi Team manager

Dental specialists in Kamperfoelieweg Amsterdam

Name Function BIG-registration nr.
mrs. M.M. Tjon Tsoe Jin, MSc Dentist 39065955902
mr. N. Parolin Dentist 99922021002
mrs. A. Al Alfayad, MSc Dentist 29922447802
mrs. S. Poudel Koirala, MSc Dentist 9920227602
mr. I. Hammadi Dentist 89925671102
mrs. L. Hematian Prevention assistant
mrs. S. Hussain Assistant for orthodontics
dhr. F. Safi Team manager

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