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DentalZorg makes dentistry accessible

DentalZorg, the complete dentistry in the centre of Zaandam

DentalZorg is a modern and large clinic with 16 treatment rooms located in Rustenburg, Zaandam which is just five minutes away from the central station. Our team is at your service from Monday till Saturday for all dental treatments. Our dentistry clinic in Zaandam is well-known for its accessibility, flexibility and experienced and friendly specialists. All our dentists are registered in the BIG-register, speak fluently Dutch and some are even multi-lingual.

At DentalZorg, you can visit us for many dental services varying from regular treatments to complete denture-renovations. We offer complete dental care based on your needs and wishes. DentalZorg is the place to be for your regular dental care. 

We have a suitable solution for every situation

  • 12 rooms for regular treatments
  • A department of orthodontics
  • A dental laboratory for the manufacturing of crowns, bridges and all sorts of dentures
  • Two rooms for dental anesthesia treatments
  • A dentist-implantologist
  • dental hygienists and prevention assistants

We believe there is a suitable solution for every situation. Therefore, we will always do our utmost best to provide you with the dental care you need and deserve. Many patients have already preceded you in choosing DentalZorg for their dental care. Check our testimonials to read their experiences.

For which treatments can you visit us?

Anxiety specialists and dental anesthesia treatments

Our aim is to provide you with dental care without any form of anxiety or fear. Our dentists are proficient, friendly and experienced in helping anxious patients. Our specialists give you the time you need and your situation will always be our point of focus. We also provide dental anesthesia treatments in order to treat you painlessly.

Specialist in dentures

Thanks to our advanced dental laboratory, we can help you with the manufacturing and repairing of full and partial dentures. In most cases we even repair your denture while you are waiting. In case of complex repairs you can hand in your denture in the morning after which you can pick it up in the afternoon.

Complex denture-renovations and treatments

Since we can facilitate all specialists under one roof, you can visit us for all denture renovations including crowns, bridges, implants, veneers, orthodontics and dentures. Due to this, an external referral is not needed. We always try to schedule combined appointments subsequently.

No surprises

Just like you, we also find it important that you know what is happening with you and that all your questions are answered. We have good agreements with a large number of health insurers, which ensures clarity instead of being confronted with extra costs and ambiguities afterwards. During a personal conversation with one of our specialists, you can undergo the treatment with peace of mind and confidence.

Our team

Why choose DentalZorg?

  • As our patient you are our focus of attention during the whole process. We provide the full attention you deserve.
  • We have our own dental laboratory which means our designs and manufacturing are done in-house by our own specialists.
  • We have our own dental implantologist and prosthetic technicians which means you do not need a dental referral. Because of this we provide fast treatment without long waiting periods and numerous appointments.
  • Contracts with almost all health insurers. Clarity about costs and reimbursements.
  • Clear and transparent terms and conditions.

Honest and clear consultations

Because every set of teeth is different, each treatment requires an individual dental treatment plan. We find it very important that your wishes and needs suit the dental possibilities and results. We believe that there is a suitable solution for every situation. Still, it is very important that you know what you are up against, what the costs are and which costs can be reimbursed.

During our first consultation together we discuss your personal situation, find out what your needs are and look at the possibilities. Immediately after this consult you will receive a detailed plan with an overview of the costs. DentalZorg offers you honest and clear consultancy based on your needs.

Contact details

AddressRustenburg 118
1506 AZ Zaandam
Phone number075-6555500

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Opening hours

Monday:08.00 am – 05:30 pm
08.00 am – 08:00 pm
Wednesday:08.00 am – 08:00 pm
Thursday:08.00 am – 05:30 pm
Friday:08.00 am – 05:30 pm
Saturday:10:00 am – 03:00 pm

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Our dentistry centre in Zaandam is located on Rustenburg in the centre of Zaandam, near the Westzijde. You will find all bus and train lines at the station of Zaandam within walking distance. Furthermore, there are also several paid and free (10 minute walk) parking spots available near Volkspark and Zeemanstraat.

What do our patients say

Zoek, vind en waardeer zorgaanbieders op ZorgkaartNederland.nllogo npcf mobileDentalZorg, locatie Zaandam is gewaardeerd op ZorgkaartNederland.

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