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Name: Mr. E. Kanigur

Title: Dental Hygienist

Emre graduated from his oral health care studies at the ACTA (Academic Centre Dentistry Amsterdam) with Periodontics as specialization. With more than 10 years of practical experience, he is aware of all the ins and outs of the field.

Emre’s passion to be active in dental care started when he was five years old. He believes that a good dental hygienist can motivatie the patients to maintain their teeth, has social skills and is able to listen attentively to the patients needs.

In his free time he likes to spent time with his family. Traveling, basketball and football are among his hobbies. He even played basketball on professional level! Emre would like to keep developing. He has the ambition to deepen his knowledge of implantology.

Do you want to know more about Emre? Then read the interview below.


Three years in a general dental practice in Haarlem. Two years in an oral hygiene practice. More than 1.5 years in pediatric dentistry practice and nine months in an implantology practice.

Why did you want to become a dental nurse?

When I was 5 years old I wanted to become a dentist. At that age I was still living in Turkey, where I was born, and was at the dentist once. I thought it was all very interesting what happened there and then I knew, I also want to become a dentist in the future. After high school I wanted to go to university to study dentistry, but then we moved to the Netherlands and that didn’t happen.

What (basic) criteria do you think a good oral health professional should meet?

A good training course to start. And you have to be able to motivate well. For example, if someone does not brush his or her teeth properly, explain why it is so important to brush properly, and what the adverse consequences could be if you don’t. And you have to be social, deal well with patients and be able to listen. What are the wishes and what are the possibilities.

What do you think, as a dental care professional, of DentalZorg? For example: How would you describe the benefits of being a client at DentalZorg?

It is a pleasant company, there is a nice atmosphere, for the employees but also for the clients. There are older but also much younger employees, the ages are well distributed. An important advantage for our clients is that we do not have waiting lists. You can quickly make an appointment. Other practices sometimes have to wait a month or even longer. We are also multilingual, for example my language, Turkish, as well as Moroccan, Spanish, Afghan and Indonesian. DentalZorg consciously focuses on this large group of people. And finally, I think it’s excellent that all colleagues are eager to learn, they always want to keep learning. The company encourages this and offers opportunities to do so.
Of course, it happens that you have to refer clients to colleagues and/or other specializations.

Do you continue to see yourself as ultimately responsible, as the first ‘lock’ in the entire dental process?

The client first visits one of our dentists, which is standard. They may refer to me or another specialization. As soon as they reach me, I will of course remain responsible for that process. I am well aware of that.

Why should clients choose you?

What I answered under the question about the criteria, Thats what I am good at. Motivating, being social and being a good listener, yes they have come to the right place with me.

Tell something about yourself. For example about your character, family, friends, hobbies.

I am married and have two children, very young. I like to travel and play basketball. In Turkey I even played at a professional level. But unfortunately I had to stop that sport because I broke my arm twice, during a training. And football of course, actually I like all ball games, including billiards. Oh and I also love to skate. As a boy I lived near the Jaap Edenhal so I had every chance to skate a lot.

Do you have any further ambitions, for example a further specialization?

I also studied electrical engineering but did not finish it. At the time, I was doing two studies at the same time, with oral health care combined, and that was impossible to combine. I would actually like to do more with electrical engineering, but for now I am mainly focusing on dentistry. I am especially interested in implantology.

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