Denture can done under general anesthesia. Imagine you wish to have dentures or your dentist recommends to have them. Certainly, this is not an easy decision to make. In case of complete dentures, the teeth and molars which you still have will be removed. A lot of people won’t feel very comfortable only by thinking of a visit to the dentist. In cases like this, the removal of teeth will be a much bigger obstacle.

Your teeth do not only play an important role for your outer appearance, but also when you speak or chew. We understand better than anyone that you would like to smile again and shine with a set of beautiful teeth, but also that the first step is the hardest. For example, you might have been hesitating for years now to go to the dentist. Or you have had certain unpleasant experiences due to which your fear and anxiety has increased even more. Together with you DentalZorg will help you with this.

If there really is no other option available and the fear of the treatment is high, then you can choose together with the dentist to undergo the treatment towards complete dentures under general anesthesia. This way, the extractions can be done free of any anxiety or fear. We would like to make this treatment accessible for you.

Are you someone who needs dentures due to certain reasons? Or do you know someone who needs them? But this person is extremely anxious to undergo dental treatment and general anesthesia is the only possibility for a safe and successful treatment? You can now take the first step by choosing a treatment for dentures under dental anesthesia at DentalZorg. Together we will go through all steps of the treatment.

Why is the dental anesthesia treatment at DentalZorg so accessible?

With the treatment of own teeth and molars to dentures, DentalZorg pays a part of the general anesthesia treatment to make dental care more accessible. Many people walk around with worrying teeth. These people are ashamed to laugh and cannot bear it to undergo even regular treatments. We would like that also these people can visit the dentist. At the moment we don’t have any waiting lists. Therefore, contact us right now to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Honest and clear consultations

Because every set of teeth is different, each treatment requires an individual dental treatment plan. We find it very important that your wishes and needs suit the dental possibilities and resultsWe believe that there is a suitable solution for every situation. Still, it is very important that you know what you are up against, what the costs are and which costs can be reimbursed.

During our first consultation together we discuss your personal situation, find out what your needs are and look at the possibilities. Immediately after this consult you will receive a detailed plan with an overview of the costs. DentalZorg offers you honest and clear consultancy based on your needs.

Frequently asked questions

At which location do we perform the anesthetic treatments?

General anesthesia treatments are performed at our dental clinic in Zaandam. Here, we are specially equipped with two advanced professional treatment rooms. Our practice in Zaandam is easy to reach by public transport. And there are two bus lines which stop along the Rustenburg. There are also several paid and free (10 minute walk) parking spots available in the area.

No need for external dental referrals

Because we can help you with the complete package of dental treatments, you don’t need an external dental referral. Schedule a consultation at one of our practices with ease. Another big advantage at DentalZorg is that you can undergo almost all treatments under general anesthesia. For you this means that referrals are no longer needed which means that we can help you quickly without any hassle.

What are the costs for a general anesthesia treatment?

At the moment, we have a anesthesia rate of € 149,- per half hour. The costs for complete dentures are almost in all cases reimbursed for 75% within the basic insurance. The costs for extractions can be reimbursed by means of additional dental insurance. During our first consult we discuss with you the overview of the total costs.

The costs voor composing a treatment plan are approximately € 160,-. This rate consists of:

  • Code c011/012 – composing treatment plan – € 111,10
  • Code x21 – jaw overview photo (x-ray photo’s)* – € 74,07

*Photos will be made if necessary.

The 2022 dental rates have been determined by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit – NZa). The above descriptions and performance codes for 2022 have changed slightly compared to 2021. Health insurers refer to the document with the dental rates as policy for dental care of the Dutch Healthcare Authority.

Is a payment plan possible?

You cannot make a payment arrangement for the costs of the anesthetic treatment. You may be able to discuss about payment plans with our billing company InfoMedics for the remaining treatment costs. This depends on the type of treatment and which insurance you have. During the intake interview, the costs and payment options are discussed.

What our patients say

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