The extraction of all teeth in the lower and upper jaws and dentures

Mrs. Grietje Janssen from Limburg is insured with CZ and has supplementary dental insurance with a budget of €500 per calendar year

After having had many unpleasant experiences with the dentist in the past, Mrs. Janssen heard good stories about DentalZorg from several people. Because of this, Ms. Janssen had the courage to take the step and registered with us on June 20, 2023. An appointment was scheduled by phone for June 30, 2023 for the dental intake. Given Mrs. Janssen’s long travel distance of 1.5 hours, a digital scan for the dentures was also made on the same day. Since Ms. Janssen still had to make arrangements with her work, we jointly scheduled the appointment for the treatment itself for July 31, 2023.

On the day of the intake, the dentist took a jaw overview scan and based on this, drew up a treatment plan in consultation with Ms. Janssen. The treatment plan consists of:

  • Pulling all teeth in both jaws under general anesthesia
  • The manufacture of dentures for the lower and upper jaw

We offer the costs for general anesthesia both in combination with full dentures and pulling teeth in 1 or both jaws at a reduced rate of €299,- regardless of the duration of the treatment. These costs are not covered by Mrs. Janssen’s insurance.

An amount of €1315.74 was charged for the dentures. Of this the reimbursement is 75% from the basic insurance. The co-payment for the dentures amounted to €328.90.

A total of 24 teeth were extracted from Mrs. Janssen. The costs she paid for this as a co-payment were €138.50.

In total, Ms. Janssen paid a co-payment of €1649.99. Ms. Janssen paid the anesthesia costs as an advance payment. Mrs. Janssen received an invoice for the remaining amount through Infomedics.

Costs Reimbursement Co-payment
Drafting care plan incl. photo €199,48 €159,58 €39,90
Anesthesia costs €299,- Geen €299,-
Total Cost Emergency Dentures €1315,74 €986,84 €328,90
Dental treatment €1322,61 €340,42 €982,19
Total €3136,83 €1486,84 €1649,99