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Dentalzorg is a dentist organisation where both adults and children are welcome. We understand that you want the best and most friendly dentists for your child(ren). A dentists who is not only passionate about his or her job, but who also likes to make it as fun as possible. At DentalZorg you have come to the right place. Our child-friendly dentists are always there for you. They will always make you child feel comfortable and secure in the dental world.

Flexible timings and appointments easy to combine

We understand that it can be quite a challenge to schedule a visit to the dentist in your families busy agenda. But no worries, we make it easy. Because we have all specialists under one roof, we can easily combine appointments. We will do our best to schedule your appointments subsequently. This does not only apply to visits to our dentists, but also to visits of our orthodontic specialists and dental hygienists.

Scientific research has shown that almost everyone has a certain anxiety or concern about visiting the dentist. At DentalZorg, we do our best to give you a safe and comfortable feeling from the moment you walk in to our dentistry clinic till after-care of the treatment. We have dentists who are very experienced with anxious patients, also with anxious children. Our specialists take the time to make your children feel as comfortable as possible.

Taking your child or children with you the first time? No problem!

A visit to the dentist is for a lot of young children an exciting and stressful occurrence, especially the first visit. We advise our patients to take the child with them to the dentist from the age of two. By regularly going to the dentist with your child, you ensure that he / she can get used to it at a young age and can become acquainted with the dentist. In this way, anxiety problems in older age can be prevented. In addition, you guarantee the oral health of your child at an early age, partly because the school dentist has disappeared.

When first dentist visit for my child?

A dental treatment on the age of two is in most cases not necessary. The dentist checks whether the teeth are in order and mainly provides advice and information. A dental hygienist or an assistant can also assist you and your child in this matter. In our practices it is always possible to bring your children for the first time. We think it is important that your child is slowly getting used to the dentist and the environment. While waiting, they can enjoy playing in our equipped play corners.

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For which treatments can you visit us?

Orthodontics, for all ages

Orthodontics is the specialty in dentistry that focuses on improving the position of teeth in the jaws. This can for example be a correction of (too) crooked teeth or teeth that do not match well. In this case you can choose for a brace. Braces are also recommended in case of biting problems, like an overbite or underbite or in case of dispositioning of the jaws.

Straight teeth and molars reduce the chances of serious problems. Many habits such as thumb sucking and tongue pressures can also seriously affect tooth development and jaw growth. Do you notice that your child has any of these characteristics? Then you can request a consultation at one of our dental practices.

Because every child is unique, our orthodontic department makes all the effort it takes to provide customized treatments fitting the individual needs of the child or parent. We welcome you at DentalZorg for all orthodontic treatments in Amsterdam Noord and Zaandam.

Read more about orthodontics
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Which things are covered from the basic insurance?

Principally, most dental costs for children till 18 years are covered from the basic insurance. None of these costs are at your own expense.

And principally, for children till 18 year there is no dentistry insurance, because most dental costs are covered by basic insurance. However, this does not apply for braces/orthodontics, crown- and bridgeworks and implants. For these kind of treatments, an additional assurance is necessary. For this reason, costs for a brace/orthodontics and crown- and bridgeworks are not covered within the basic insurance (with exception of a few special cases).

So to get these costs reimbursed, an additional insurance is necessary.

• Periodical / semi-annual check-ups
• Emergency treatments or emergency consultations
• Fluoride treatment. Maximum two times a year, on advice, possibly, more often per year.
• Sealing and filling of teeth
• Removing tooth tartar (dental calculus)
• Periodontics and endodontics (root canal treatments)
• (General) anesthetics
• X-ray photos, excluding photos required for orthodontics
• Surgical dentistry (including dental surgery), excluding implants.
• Tooth replacement with non-plastic materials (crown- and bridgework) and implants. However. This is only covered in very special cases, for example, (traffic)accidents. In consult with your insurance company we can easily find this out for you
• frame prosthesis

• Orthodontics
• Tooth replacement with non-plastic materials (crown- and bridgework) and implants
• Partial prosthesis
• External bleaching

Dentist in Amsterdam Noord

Our team of dentists in Amsterdam Noord are very competent and experienced with anxious patients. We have two dentistries in Amsterdam Noord. They are located at the Mosplein on the Kamperfoelieweg and on the Distelplein.

You can visit the experienced dentist May-Ling Tjon Tson Joe Jin at Kamperfoelieweg and the very lovely dentist Milly Chen. The gentle dentists Ramzi Al Romi, Mrs. Gulhan Ozcan and Leyla Erten are on Distelplein.

Zoek, vind en waardeer zorgaanbieders op ZorgkaartNederland.nllogo npcf mobileDentalZorg, locatie Amsterdam Distelplein is gewaardeerd op ZorgkaartNederland.

Opening hours

Maandag:08.00-17.30 uur
Dinsdag:08.00-17.30 uur
Woensdag:08.00-17.30 uur
Dinsdag:08.00-17.30 uur
Vrijdag:08.00-17.30 uur
Zaterdag:10.00-15.00 uur

Plan your journey

Bekijken in Google Maps:

Distelplein 16, Amsterdam Noord

Kamperfoelieweg 9, Amsterdam Noord

Both dentistries are located at Mosplein. Bus lines 34 and 35 have bus stops at Mosplein, from Amsterdam CS. If you come from Zaandam CS, then you can take bus 391. There are several payed parking spots in the area.

Dentist Zaandam

In Zaandam we have a fixed team of dentists ready to help you. They are Nicola Parolin, the experienced Tatjana Sukeviciene, Ayse Ayan, Najib Jahn and Milly Chen. Every dentist is unique in his/her own methods, but all our dentists try to make you as comfortable as possible during the treatment. They clearly explain to you before the treatment what will happen. You, as a patient, are their point of focus. Providing personal attention is our way.

Zoek, vind en waardeer zorgaanbieders op ZorgkaartNederland.nllogo npcf mobileDentalZorg, locatie Zaandam is gewaardeerd op ZorgkaartNederland. Bekijk alle waarderingen.

Contact details

Rustenburg 118
1506 AZ Zaandam


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Opening hours

Maandag:08.00-17.30 uur
08.00-20.00 uur
Woensdag:08.00-20.00 uur
Donderdag:08.00-17.30 uur
Vrijdag:08.00-17.30 uur
Zaterdag:10.00-15.00 uur

Plan your journey

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Our dentistry centre in Zaandam is located on Rustenburg in the centre of Zaandam, near the Westzijde. You will find all bus and train lines at the station of Zaandam within walking distance. Furthermore, there are also several paid and free (10 minute walk) parking spots available near Volkspark and Zeemanstraat.

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