tandarts a marchan 800 min

Name: Mr. A. Marchan
Master of science

BIG-reg.nr.: 29923612902

Function: Dentist

Aous is known as a patient dentist who has a lot of emphaty with his own patients. With this, he is able to understand the wishes and needs of his patients. Based on this, he determines the correct diagnosis and treatment plan. His mission is accomplished when he makes a smile appear on the face of the patient. Aous is graduated in 2011 as a dentist. All together, aous gained 10-year of practical experience as a dentist. His patient oriented character makes sure that patients leave the treatment room with a satisfied feeling.

One of the motivational factors of Aous is that he can make a contribution to the quality of life and accessibility of dentistry for different groups. And this is exactly the mission of DentalZorg; i.e. to make dentistry accessible for everyone. Aous speaks besides Dutch also English, Arabic and Russian. Aous als has an artistic side. In his free time he likes to sculpt and play accordion.

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